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1L Advantage Law School Prep Course Outline


Lesson One : What to Expect During Your First Year

Law School Basics: The Socratic Method, hypotheticals, case briefing, first-year and upper-level courses, common questions among 1Ls; how to be sure you're prepared.

Professor: Ursula Furri-Perry
Dean, Becker College
Lecture Duration: 2:01:26

Lesson Two: IRAC and How to Think Like a Lawyer

A return to logical reasoning: the application of the Rule of Law to specific sets of facts; "Issue Spotting" with IRAC analysis (Issue; Rule; Analysis; Conclusion).

Professor: Ursula Furri-Perry
Dean, Becker College
Lecture Duration: 0:52:17

Lesson Three: Contract Law

Valid contract formation: offer and acceptance; mutual assent; consideration (and substitutes thereof); contract interpretation, rights, and obligations; breach; and remedies.

Professor: Joseph Devlin
Professor of Law, Massachusetts School of Law at Andover
Lecture Duration: 4:54:57

Lesson Four: Tort Law

The different types of civil, or private, offenses: intentional torts; negligent torts and comparative vs. contributory negligence; strict liability and associated defenses.

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Professor: Catherine Sharkey
Crystal Eastman Professor of Law at NYU School of Law
Lecture Duration: 2:58:45

Lesson Five : First-Year Study Skills: Outlining and Organizing

Various methods of study; writing solid course outlines; creating and maintaining an effective 1L schedule and study plan.

Professor: Ursula Furri-Perry
Dean, Becker College
Lecture Duration: 0:52:42

Lesson Six: Legal Research and Writing

Researching primary and secondary sources; validation of current legal authority; standard 1L writing tasks, and sample student assignments.

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Professor: Susan Provenzano
William Trumbull Professor of Practice at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
Lecture Duration: 2:50:21

Lesson Seven: Civil Procedure

Procedural rules of the court system; different sources of jurisdiction (subject matter, personal, and venue jurisdiction); parties, pleadings; discovery; trial; resolution.

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Professor: Vikram Amar
Dean, Illinois College of Law, and Iwan Foundation Professor of Law
Lecture Duration: 2:41:19

Lesson Eight: Criminal Law and Procedure

Crimes against persons; crimes against property; the element of criminal intent (mens rea); liability, defenses; search and seizure; right to counsel and other rights during trial.

Professor: Byron Warnken
Retired Professor of Law, Emeritus at the University of Baltimore School of Law
Lecture Duration: 3:36:05

Lesson Nine: Evidence

What evidence can be introduced in court; the Federal Rules of Evidence; relevance; competency; foundation; public policy considerations; hearsay and its exceptions.

Professor: Michael L. Coyne
Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law
Lecture Duration: 2:49:36

Lesson Ten: Property Law

Personal property and real property; trespass; adverse possession; present estates and future estates; conveyances of real property; deeds, recording, and marketable title.

Professor: Peter M. Malaguti
Professor of Law at Massachusetts School of Law
Lecture Duration: 4:52:18

Lesson Eleven: Constitutional Law

Organization of the branches of government; powers of the Congress and the President; individual rights including Due Process, Equal Protection, and the right to privacy.

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Professor: David Cole
National Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, previously Hon. George J. Mitchell Professor in Law and Public Policy at the Georgetown University Law Center
Lecture Duration: 2:54:31

Lesson Twelve: Crushing Your Law School Exams

Knowing the top-tested cases and concepts from each class; understanding the laws and their application to specific facts; organizing and writing your law school essays to relay your idea and analysis efficiently and effectively.

Professor: Ursula Furri-Perry
Dean, Becker College
Lecture Duration: 1:42:00