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Can you choose with ACT scores colleges see?


Although the ACT does not have a formal Score Choice option like the SAT, you can choose which ACT scores colleges will see.

Remember: The ACT does not create score reports which list all of the times you have taken the ACT. It creates a separate record each time you take the ACT, and the information from one test administration is not included in the report of another test administration. This means that, when you are sending scores to colleges, you have to choose which administration results you will send to them—and schools will not be able to see what you got on any other ACTs, or even if you took the ACT more than once. Keep in mind that although you can choose which administration schools will see scores from, you can’t choose which individual test scores within that administration they will see.

For example: If you took both the September and October ACT administrations, and decided to send colleges your September scores, colleges will see what you got on all the tests in the September ACT (English, Math, Reading, and Science—and, if you took the ACT Plus Writing, they would see your Writing Test scores, too). You can’t choose which test scores they will see; schools will see them all. However, they will not know that you also took the ACT in October, and they won’t know what your scores were on that administration.

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