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Cancelling Your ACT Score

Although the ACT does not have a test-day score cancellation option or a Score Choice option like the SAT, there are still things you can do to make sure schools do not see an ACT score you’d rather not have them see. 

If you requested that a particular college receive a score report, but decide after taking the test that you’d rather not have the school see your results, you can request that the score report not be sent—but you have to do it quickly. As per the ACT, “The deadline for adding, changing, or canceling college and high school reports is the Thursday noon (central time) immediately after the regularly scheduled Saturday test date.” However, keep this in mind: You will not be able to see your scores before you cancel sending them, and the score is still a part of your ACT score record. Canceling the score reports doesn’t delete the score from your record. If, after you get your scores, you decide that you do want to send them to schools, you can have score reports mailed out—but you’ll have to pay a per-report fee.

If you would like to delete a score permanently, so that it is no longer a part of your record at all, that is also an option. The ACT website says that in order to have the results from an administration removed from your record you need to send them a request in writing. Once they receive your request, the ACT will send you a form to complete and send back, after which they will permanently remove your record for that test date from their files, and all scores from that test date will be deleted. More information about deleting a score record permanently can be found here.