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Taking the ACT Internationally



If you live outside of the United States, U.S. territories, Puerto Rico, or Canada, you are considered an international student for ACT testing purposes. If you are an international student seeking to register for and take the ACT, start by reading this brochure on the ACT website—it will give you the basics of registering for the ACT, tell you about testing fees, and describe test day procedures.

International students should check to make sure that a testing center exists in their country before registering for the test. You can search for testing centers in your country on the ACT website. Not all countries have testing centers, and not all testing centers administer the ACT on every testing date. It is your responsibility to check on the availability of a testing center and testing administration before registering for the test.
Once you have determined that your country has a testing center, and have chosen the administration which you will take, you must register online by creating a free ACT Student Web Account and paying your registration fee with a credit card (the ACT accepts payment via valid American Express, DISCOVER, MasterCard, or VISA card).

International students cannot register for the ACT via paper mail.

If there are no test centers in your country scheduled for any test date or in another country within reasonable traveling distance, or if all the test centers in your country are more than 50 miles from your home on any test date, you may need to request arranged testing.