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The PowerScore/Spivey Consulting Law School Admissions Bible is Out Now!


Two of the leading voices in the law school admissions consulting field have come together to put out the most comprehensive book available on the law school application process. The PowerScore/Spivey Consulting Law School Admissions Bible, written by Mike Spivey, Karen Buttenbaum, and Anna Hicks of Spivey Consulting alongside PowerScore's Dave Killoran, is now available for purchase.


This book matters if you are applying to law school and aspire to be a lawyer. If your desire is to reach your full potential—both in admission to law school and in your starting point in practicing law. It matters because you can, in many cases, substantively and positively elevate your application to law school by understanding and knowing what admissions committees are looking for. It matters because, in the vast majority of applications, prospective law students are doing the exact opposite of what they should. They are coming in either unknowledgeable of the process, or worse, misinformed by those who give advice with no experience but behind a false veil of confidence. This can include law school students who got admitted to schools because of strong scores, alumni in similar situations, a high number of admissions consultants and pre-law advisors with no admissions experience, and law schools themselves. The collective bad advice gets repeated, spread online, and over time, much becomes ingrained and treated as factual. When it is hurting your odds of admission and merit aid. When you should be doing, again, the exact opposite of what people pretending to be knowledgeable about something they have never done are telling you to do. All of this to the great detriment to you, the applicant. We see this thousands of times every admission "cycle." But this does not have to be you.