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"PowerScore's LSAT study tools are considerably under the radar, but by far the best find when considering quality, price, and (free) online resources. Not only did the actual material prove to be the best out there, but by providing payment plans as an option for private tutoring, PowerScore gave me an opportunity to increase my score that a lot of other companies don't. "

Mindy Farmer

My tutor not only helped me understand the skills of the test, but also helped me adapt my studying to my own test needs and busy schedule, and helped me gain the confidence necessary to tackle the test.

Jassen Lu

It's simple: PowerScore gets you accepted, and gets you scholarship money. Period. I increased my score by 15 points. I have a future now.

Reed Alexander

PowerScore definitely helped me feel prepared and confident for a test that is known for intimidating students. Combining personal tutoring with the online course was the best decision I could've made. My tutor was able to help me raise my practice test scores more than 10 points!

Christina Gatte

I was able to improve my score by over 20 points. The one on one tutoring was fantastic and gave me the confidence to approach the LSAT in a logical and clear way. I would strongly recommend PowerScore to anyone considering LSAT prep

James Lockett

Powerscore tutoring helped me talk through many of the concepts I learned in the three bibles. The opportunity to receive feedback from a Powerscore tutor was an invaluable resource in my LSAT preparation. I would recommend personal tutoring to anyone looking to perfect their understanding of the material presented in the Powerscore Bibles

Sacha Urbach

My tutor is everything a student could ever want from an LSAT instructor. He knows the material inside and out and can answer even the toughest questions. He understood my strengths and helped me address my weaknesses in a way that was constructive, encouraging, and positive. I wanted to work with a tutor who wouldn't let me settle for a score, no matter what. Even when I began to score consistently in the low 170s on my practice tests, he worked with me to improve the remaining weak spots in my test performance. I came away from the experience feeling so grateful for his guidance and confident that I had the best LSAT instruction available


My score jumped over 15 points ! The test became something to look forward to taking with confidence.

Alexandra Kaufman

My tutor was fantastic! He explained each question/ answer with clarity and took the time to ensure I understood each concept well. He created a customized schedule for me and devoted appropriate time to each section. I don't believe I would've done as well on the LSAT without his assistance. I highly recommend him as a tutor for anyone studying for the LSAT!!!!

Andrei Bucur

Adam was great. While studying for the LSAT, I had few people with whom I could discuss the LSAT in detail, and it was really refreshing to be able to talk with someone who was similarly enthused about the cleverness of the test. At the time I sought out private tutoring, I was already pretty burned out from self- studying. Adam not only helped me whittle down my focus to problem areas, he helped me reignite a nerdy excitement for the challenges the LSAT provides.

AK Shee

I would have never thought to take the course of action on my own that my tutor designed for me. He identified weaknesses that I was not even aware of in a very short amount of time and focused attention mainly on those areas. Scheduling was a breeze and flexible, and overall was well worth my investment. 8 point increase!

Brian T.

Nick went above and beyond to assure that was familiar and comfortable with the test before taking it. He made himself available 24/7, and there were no bad questions. He was approachable and personable, making the process even more enjoyable. He still checks in on me to this day, even though I have completed my studies. Nick has been nothing short of amazing!

Tayler Gill