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A complete overview of what you need to know before you start your LSAT prep journey.

Start your prep on the right foot with this helpful LSAT intro study guide.

Preparing for the LSAT?  It’s time to reconsider your approach to test taking. A bold statement, we know, but this is unlike any other test you've encountered. The LSAT is full of logic problems, nuanced semantics, and comprehensive questions on complex subject matter that aren’t found on any other standardized test.

PowerScore is here to help, with tailor-made LSAT test prep and world-class instructors that retrain your brain to think like a lawyer. Better yet, to think like the test makers themselves. We’re LSAT experts with one goal: making you an LSAT expert, too.

A good place to start?  The PowerScore LSAT Prep Starter Kit. Once you finish the Starter Kit and wrap your head around everything that the LSAT entails, we’ll have plenty of additional resources, LSAT prep methods, and coaching to guide you all the way to test day with complete confidence and skill mastery.

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Optimize your LSAT prep from the beginning with PowerScore’s LSAT Prep Starter Kit.

This helpful free .pdf guide will answer many common introductory questions about the LSAT process and help you craft an LSAT study plan that works best for your unique study time frame and preferences.

The PowerScore LSAT Prep Starter Kit includes:

  • An overview of the exam — logistics, question types, scoring, impact on law school applications
  • Directions for how to take and score your first practice LSAT 
  • Information on the various styles of LSAT preparation and how to find the right fit for you
  • Helpful articles and tips from our top LSAT instructors

Get the kit today and start your journey towards your goal LSAT score.

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