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Profile Charting Games

Profile Charting is a specific variation on the grouping games covered in Chapter Four of the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible. In Profile Charting games, there is typically a committee or panel being selected from a pool of candidates, and the composition of the committee must meet two or more specific criteria. Since the candidates will have at least two different characteristics which relate to these criteria (for example, male or female, research experience or no research experience, senior or junior status, to name a few possible characteristics), you should make a chart that lists the attributes of each candidate. Also, since the number of spaces on the committee is limited, there are always some candidates who are not selected to serve on the committee or panel. Consider the following example:

A three-member advisory panel must be selected from a pool of six candidates: A, B, C, D, E, and F. The panel is composed of two women and one man, at least two of the members must have military experience, and at least two of the members must have doctoral degrees.

A, B, C, and D are female; E and F are male.
C, D, E, and F have military experience.
B, C, D, and E have doctorate degrees.

Clearly, a chart that profiles each candidate will help efficiently organize the attribute information:

Candidate M/F Military Exp? Doctorate Degree?

Additionally, a simple diagram representing the panel would also be helpful:

_____ _____ _____

2 F / 1 M
At least 2 Military Exp.
At least 2 Doctorate Degrees

If the game consisted solely of the above rules, it would be quite beneficial to take a moment to make a few quick hypotheticals before attacking the questions. First, examine any pair of identical variables. For example, since C and D are both females with military experience and doctorate degrees; if they were both selected they would fulfill the criteria regarding military experience and doctorate degrees. Thus, they could be paired with either of the males, E or F (C-D-E or C-D-F, although their order is irrelevant). Other hypotheticals include B-C-E and B-D-E. In fact, the rules and profile information are so limiting that only four more possible panel configurations exist in addition to the four just discussed: B-C-F, B-D-F, A-C-E, and A-D-E. Thus, there are only eight possible solutions to this game.

Profile Charting games appear infrequently (the only one to appear in the last decade was the first game of the October 2001 LSAT), but they can be difficult for the unprepared student. Take a few minutes to complete the drill below.

Profile Charting Drill

Answer the following four questions based on your knowledge of profile charting.
Answer Key Below.

An oversight committee is being formed by the local county government. There will be seven members on the committee, at least four of which must be women. No more than two can be from local businesses, and at least three must be local activists. The county government must also be represented on the committee. The following is known about several candidates for the committee:

Ilio, Harris, Foutwell, and Barry are local female activists.
Davis and Gunderson were boy scouts, and both are now local businessmen.
Gunderson and Ilio do not serve together.
Carter is a male who owns the largest local business in the county.
Adams and Edmunds are sisters who both work for the county, but they will not serve together.
The people mentioned above are the only candidates for the committee.
Local activists do not work for local businesses or the county government.
Local businesspeople do not work for the county government.

1. Which of the following is not necessarily false?

(A) Barry is a businessman.
(B) Edmunds is a female activist.
(C) Davis does not serve.
(D) Gunderson is a businesswoman.
(E) Adams does not serve.

2. Which of the following pairs of candidates must be on the committee?

(A) Adams and Barry
(B) Gunderson and Carter
(C) Foutwell and Harris
(D) Edmunds and Ilio
(E) Adams and Foutwell

3. Which of the following statements could be true?

I. Davis and Gunderson serve together.
II. Carter and Barry serve together.
III. Adams and Edmunds serve together.

(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) III only
(D) I and II only
(E) II and III only

4. Which of the following is a complete and accurate list
of the candidates that must be chosen for the committee?

(A) Barry, Foutwell, and Harris
(B) Barry, Foutwell, Harris, and Davis
(C) Barry, Foutwell, Harris, and Carter
(D) Barry, Foutwell, Harris, Davis, and Carter
(E) Barry, Foutwell, Harris, Davis, Carter, and Ilio

Profile Charting Drill Answer Key

There are nine candidates for seven positions. Since A and E cannot serve together, and G and I cannot serve together, from the pool of A, E, G, and I, only two candidates can serve. This means that the remaining five candidates,B, H, F, D, and C,must serve on the committee. However, since D and C must both serve, and both are local businessmen, they completely fulfill the requirement that "no more than two members can be from local businesses." Thus, G cannot serve on the committee and therefore I must serve on the committee. Consequently, the only choice for the committee is whether A or E serves. The two possible committee scenarios are: B-H-F-D-C-I-A or B-H-F-D-C-I-E.

1. E
2. C
3. B - Roman numeral questions such as this one no longer appear on the LSAT. However, this is a drill, and not intended to be a reproduction of an LSAT game. For the purposes of learning, the Roman numeral format can be quite useful .
4. E - The answer choices in this problem can be used to answer question #2.