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I am not exaggerating when I say that the Bible really opened my eyes to the best plan of attack for the LSAT logic games. No kidding, it was like a shroud had been lifted off my eyes and I really started to understand the games in a whole new way. Now, when I take practice tests, the logic games don't intimidate me anymore. If anyone out there is struggling with logic games and is hesitant about shelling out $45 for the LSAT Logic Games Bible, I say to you now, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!
Stacey Fabros
This book dramatically improved my LSAT score. I tried other LSAT prep books before I found The Logic Games Bible, and none of them were anywhere near as helpful or comprehensive. This book not only improved my logic games ability, but boosted my confidence for taking the exam. If logic games are a problem area for you, this book is a sound investment.
Linda C. Bailey
Dear PowerScore: I am writing to thank you for your excellent publication, the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible. Today I retrieved my LSAT score for the February 9th test. I received a 173 (which put me in the 99th percentile). Before buying your book I took several previously administered LSATs at home, but had never managed to score above a 168. I had tried materials from both Kaplan and Princeton Review and thought I had exhausted my options (the cost of a full-scale course was beyond my means).However, surfing the web I found your book and it was the best purchase I have made. Your book was the only one written for students who wanted to go beyond general stategy to improve their scores at the high-end of the scale. Thank you.
Ella Campi
After studying the Logic Games Bible, I went from scoring 50-60% on the games section to getting 80-90% of the questions correct. This book gave me the confidence to score at my full potential.
Andrea Walker
The Logic Games Bible is a great book for introducing you to tackling the LSAT logic games. I liked the methods they used a lot better than the methods used by other test prep companies because they're easy and quick to set up.
Courage O.
This book is, by far, the best prep book for the LSAT you can buy without taking a course.
Beth Walker
The book had a lot of good information and methods. The methods were superior to anything else I've been studying, and helped me to see that conventional LSAT tips can actually work against you. I liked the completeness of the book too, as it encompassed the entire spectrum of the logic games.
Robert Yocum
This book is a 'must-have' for students studying for the LSAT. All of the examples from the book were used in previously administered tests, which was a great asset.
Tina Hauck
I found the The Logic Games Bible to be the most effective and informative LSAT prep publication that I purchased....and I purchased a lot of them. I have recommended it to everyone that I know who has plans to take the exam.
Ron Galloway
I was hesitant to spend more money on LSAT books, but the Logic Games Bible is a must have! Not only does it break the games down for you, it also teaches how to do a master set-up. In addition, detailed explanations are given for all example games. The Logic Games Bible was a great purchase, and I highly recommend it.
Kristy Jackson
I believe it is essential reading prior to taking the LSAT.
W. E. Williams
I had seen The PowerScore Logic Games Bible mentioned on several law student internet bulletin boards as being the absolute best resource for studying LSAT logic games. Knowing absolutely nothing about PowerScore, I ordered the book. I must say it was absolutely as good as advertised. It is an essential resource for anyone attempting serious preparation for the LSAT. It is simply that good.
Donald Hightower