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My score improved 15 points from 145 diagnostic - 160 in two months. Exactly the kind of leap I was hoping to make in this timespan. The course instructor was engaging and the material teaches effectively.

Michael K.

I took the Kaplan online course before taking the Live Online course with PowerScore. I would highly recommend PowerScore's course and my test scores show why. I jumped up almost twenty points. The way PowerScore operates its online course as an actual classroom helps tremendously and having real people there to ask questions is definitely worth it. I'm part of the prelaw society at my school and rest assured I will be recommending PowerScore to them.

Sarah Park

When I began exploring study guides and courses for LSAT preparation I found many glazed over, or did not explain fully, areas I believed might be critical to success on the test. My education is in a non-liberal arts field. Logic and other kinds of reasoning were unfamiliar to me except in the context of everyday use of the English language. Through comparing the materials of several courses I discovered that the PowerScore test prep materials not only explained concepts thoroughly, they offered me many opportunities to practice them on real LSAT test questions. This became invaluable to my understanding of how both the concepts and various LSAT question types worked in practice. It also gave me a real understanding as to how I might perform on the LSAT on test day. Through taking a virtual LSAT course and doing the homework I have gained confidence I will score well on the LSAT when I take it in the upcoming weeks. During the course I found being able to ask specific questions of the instructors saved me time and clarified misunderstandings easily. As a result my overall score on practice tests has continued to improve. I highly recommend the PowerScore study materials and Virtual course.

Dorothy Bass

The Instructors in this course were knowledgeable, helpful, and really cared about helping us get the most we could out of the course. I would encourage anyone to take the Virtual course. Having one instructor talking and another in the chat window to answer questions DURING class helped immensely. I went from a 163 on my first practice test to a 177 on my last 2 practice tests. I feel very confident about the LSAT I took even though I haven't received my score yet.

Timothy Garcia

This course has given me the confidence to face down the LSAT with the widest possible tool set at my disposal. I have learned how to tackle problems that in the past gave me issues. I actually feel excited to take the LSAT now, instead of terrified, because I know what to do and how to defeat the test. Worth every penny spent and then some.

Bailey H.

Taking this Live Online course made it possible for me to have an internship, go to school, and have a focused LSAT preparation that I could attend no matter where I was located. I highly recommend it to any college students that want to get high levels of both convenience and value from their LSAT course.

Ellen Ring

Overall I'm really glad I took the course. It deepened my understanding of all the material significantly. For my first practice tests (before class began) I was scoring in the high 150s. I'm now consistently scoring in the low 170s. I'm positive I couldn't have increased my score so much had I not taken the course and, looking over some of the material offered by other courses, it seems that PowerScore has some of the best methods for attacking the questions on the LSAT and getting the best score possible. My instructors were able to explain all those tactics in careful, complete terms and always made sure to take the time to be as thorough as possible. The class dynamic was very comfortable thanks to the instructors who were friendly and personable. Although the price seemed a little high at first, I can say with total confidence that, after finishing the course, it was actually a really great deal. There's so much material offered and my score has risen so much as a result of the class that it was absolutely money well spent.

Dashiell Farewell

My instructor made the test doable, he helped me to gain confidence so that I was not scared and on test day. I felt more confident than the rest of the class. I think that it was worth every penny that I paid!

Jenn Greene

This class made me feel so much more confident in my LSAT skills! I was plateauing for a while, and then suddenly my scores shot straight up from a 157 to a 171. This course will pay off if you put the work in.

Tannah O.

The course is well structured, we were encouraged to do our best, it was especially inspirational and the feedback we received from the instructors was exemplary. I started thinking that I wanted to obtain a 160 but now I'm working towards the high 170s—this is how good the course was to me.

Wangeci Warui

I was nervous about taking an online LSAT class, but I am very happy I chose the Live Online Option. It gives me the flexibility I need and the instructors are amazing and enthusiastic. I find myself actually ENJOYING studying for the LSAT — a huge feat! Thank you for offering this course. It's definitely worth every penny.

Heidi Nielson

I had my doubts about taking an online prep course. But my instructors made every effort possible to ensure that we all understood the material and were prepared to take the LSAT. I learned more from them over the course of a summer than I could have ever hoped to learn studying on my own.

Kierra Jones