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This course was extremely beneficial. There is so much information provided with not only the courses, but the books, homework, blog posts and clinics, just to name a few. All of the instructors were very friendly and knowledgeable. This course made studying much more bearable than doing it alone. Thank you for all the support and encouragement, I highly recommend this course to anyone planning on taking the LSAT.

Carrie S.

The course is well structured, we were encouraged to do our best, it was especially inspirational and the feedback we received from the instructors was exemplary. I started thinking that I wanted to obtain a 160 but now I'm working towards the high 170s—this is how good the course was to me.

Wangeci Warui

Taking this Live Online course made it possible for me to have an internship, go to school, and have a focused LSAT preparation that I could attend no matter where I was located. I highly recommend it to any college students that want to get high levels of both convenience and value from their LSAT course.

Ellen Ring

I took the Kaplan online course before taking the Live Online course with PowerScore. I would highly recommend PowerScore's course and my test scores show why. I jumped up almost twenty points. The way PowerScore operates its online course as an actual classroom helps tremendously and having real people there to ask questions is definitely worth it. I'm part of the prelaw society at my school and rest assured I will be recommending PowerScore to them.

Sarah Park

This class is excellent. My instructor works at a great pace, is supportive, and displays the concepts in a way I can understand. Before, when I studied on my own in preparation for the December test, I lacked structure and the ability to identify weakness', thus I did horribly. Through PS and this course my focus is where it's needed and I'm steadily improving. Now, on top of actually learning the material I'm having fun. This is the way it's suppose to be. My only regret is that I wish I were smarter so I could get even more out it.

Paul Pfeiffer

I am genuinely impressed with this course so far- its structure and the wealth of study materials provided. Most importantly, I am completely blown by the quality of the instruction. Truly impressive. I just was not expecting this type of engaging instruction. My instructor is an incredibly clever, knowledgeable and sharp instructor who does an excellent job at making the material digestible. He seems quite charming and has a natural ability to teach.The methods weve been taught to attack the questions have been paying off. I was able to tell from the first 5 minutes of the course that these people had a solid command of the LSAT and logic theory, in addition to being capable teachers. I am highly pleased with this course thus far and I cant even think of any improvements needed. I will be recommending it to others for sure.

Mary Miller

This class was amazing! I never expected to get out of an LSAT course what I got out of this one. It is comprehensive, yet to the point, and the instructors are incredibly friendly and helpful. My score has improved more than I could have ever hoped for and I'm incredibly grateful for everything Powerscore has done for me. I'll be recommending this course to my younger friends planning on taking the LSAT. And, truly, thank you so much.

Shannon Golden

I learned so much from this course, and I would recommend this course to everyone. I previously used Kaplan for LSAT prep, but this course excels in every area. My instructor presented the material in a way that was fresh and interesting, allowing us to maintain focus throughout the course and gain confidence in our test prep. I cannot express how much I learned from this course. I feel infinitely more prepared now than after than after my use of Kaplan.Thank you again!!

Lindsay Rich

In terms of both the content and the instructors, my experience was fantastic. I was initially worried in taking the online-only course that I wouldn't have the chance to get personalized attention from the instructors, but that was not the case at all. Both instructors would stay behind after class ended to field questions and were incredibly helpful in pointing out drills and blog posts that were targeted to my specific concerns and "problem areas." I can't say enough how gratifying it is to receive such personalized attention and responses, and it made me feel like my instructors actually cared about seeing me improve. I haven't yet taken the LSAT, but measuring my performance from my first 'diagnostic' practice test to the one I took today, I have gained 15 points, which is more than I thought would have been possible. I feel much more prepared for the LSAT, and it's really due to the instructors' willingness to help me.

Cameron Stanley

PowerScore has helped me with my mindset focus on the exam, which I was not able to find anywhere else.

Karlye S.

This class not only helped me achieve a better score, but also made me feel at ease about taking the test in general. The instructor helped me feel confident about test day, and cleared up any horrifying rumors we heard from other people or online about the test.

Kayla Merkel

I am already up 10 points from the first practice tests and know with continued practice that I can gain at least 10 more by test day. Thank you for all the available resources!

Teresa D KurynKohler