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The PowerScore SAT Vocabulary Flash Cards

PowerScore Repeat Offenders SAT Vocabulary Words

In the PowerScore SAT Laboratory, where we develop our books and courses, we carefully analyze every SAT. As part of one study, we examined over 60 previously released SAT tests to determine the most popular vocabulary words in the Critical Reading section. These words were pulled from both Sentence Completion questions and Passage-Based Reading questions, and our findings revealed that a significant number of SAT vocabulary words are duplicated frequently on the SAT. In fact, the top four words on our list appeared in some form on nearly 50% of all the analyzed SATs! So, what are those repeat offenders?

The top four word forms that appear most frequently are aesthetic, undermine, ambivalence, and profound. For the first time ever, PowerScore is offering these words and the other Top Repeat Offenders to you in flash card form. And the best part? They’re free. All 700 of them. Our instructors and former students report that a large percentage of these words appear on each SAT administration, and we’re sure that you’ll find these flash cards an invaluable resource, too.

Each flash card contains a definition, context sentence, and related word forms. The cards are organized into six decks, depending on their frequency of occurrence and their level of difficulty. We strongly recommend that you begin you studies with the Top 200 Repeat Offenders. The words in this deck appeared on 10% to 50% of the analyzed tests and their frequency remains constant on recent tests.

Once you master the Top 200 Repeat Offenders, move onto the Easy, Medium, and People words. Save the Hard and Extreme Repeat Offenders for the end of your vocabulary studies (note that most of the Extreme words do not appear frequently on the SAT; we simply selected the 100 most difficult words we encountered on our study of previously released SATs). For tips and strategies for studying vocabulary words, see our Vocabulary Study Guide.

These words were extracted from both the Passage-Based Reading and Sentence Completion sections of the SAT. By studying the words in the PowerScore flash card series, you’ll be sure to improve your vocabulary and increase your SAT score!

Directions for Printing Flash Cards

Follow these directions to print your own set of flash cards:

For printers capable of double-sided printing:

Make sure that you have letter-sized paper (8½“ x 11”) in the printer tray. For more durable flash cards, use heavier paper or cardstock.

Select the 2-sided option from your “Print” dialogue box. Click “Print.”

For printers that print on only one side of the paper:

Make sure that you have letter-sized paper (8½“ x 11”) in the printer tray. For more durable flash cards, use heavier paper or cardstock.

In the “Print” dialogue box, locate the selection box for “Page Ranges.” Begin by printing the odd pages. Some printers will allow you to select “Print Odd Pages;” on others, you must enter the actual page numbers (1, 3, 5, etc.) separated by a comma in the field for “Pages:.” Click “Print.”

Once the odd pages print, place the paper back in the printer so that the blank side will now be printed on (this usually means placing the blank side face up, but all printers are different. You may need to experiment with your printer prior to printing these large files). Go back to the “Print“ dialogue box, and either select “Print Even Pages” or manually enter the actual page numbers (2, 4, 6, etc.) into the “Pages:” field. Click “Print.”