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"First, let me say, I love Powerscore. I used the Powerscore Bibles when I took the LSAT 5 years ago and it really helped so I knew that coming back to Powerscore for the GRE would be a good idea. When I took the first practice test, my Quantitative Score was 134 and my Verbal 157. I had not been in a math class in over 10 years and I knew that would be my biggest hurdle. After doing the 12- week Powerscore study schedule (using the GRE Verbal Reasoning Bible and GRE Quantitative Reasoning Bible) , my actual GRE score was Verbal 161 and Quantitative 151. I am happy my verbal score went up a little, but I was most impressed that Powerscore helped my math score to go up 17 points! 10 out of 10 would recommend any Powerscore material for anyone who needs standardized test prep."

- By Vania Ratliff

"This GRE book is the best in the market. It is surprisingly even better than Manhattan Prep, which I also consider top notch. Its main selling point though are its strategies and tips which better than what most advanced instructors can provide. This book guides you through questions are developed, and what you can do to prepare for them. While, this book does provide a sufficient amount of exercises you would ideally want to go onto their website for more practice or buy another prep book. I wish I had found this book before, it would have saved me a lot of time and money!”

- By Julius M.

“I am studying for the GRE and wanted to understand some of the strategy. This book is so helpful. Not only is the appendix filled with about 700 common vocabulary words, but also the tips and tricks change the game. This is also an easy to read guide. The language makes sense and is straight to the point. I do not dread having to study with this book. It makes it much more enjoyable.”

- By Adriana G.

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