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Our Live Online Course offers you the structure and group interaction of an in-person course without any travel requirements, bringing world-class LSAT instruction directly to you.

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Live Online LSAT Prep Course

Interactive lessons taught by 170+ scoring instructors and access to our full slate of LSAT prep resources:

  • Attend and participate in class from anywhere in the world
  • Lesson recordings that you can review on your own time and pace to ensure complete mastery
  • Online testing platform containing official LSAT practice tests, question explanations, supplemental test sections, drills, and detailed performance tracking

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Live Online Course Syllabus

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Browse the course syllabus to get a feel for the comprehensive span of test concepts that we tackle in our core lessons.


Logical Reasoning                                          Logic Games

General Introduction                                                          General Introduction

Attacking the Stimulus                                                      Setups and Diagramming

Premises, Conclusions, and Fact Sets                              Pure Sequencing Games

The Importance of Language                                            Pure Sequencing Diagramming Guidelines

Analyzing the Question Stem                                            Pure Sequencing Games Set

Logical Reasoning Question Types

Paraphrasing Answers

Must Be True Questions

The Fact Test&trade

Must Be True Problem Set

Main Point Questions

Main Point Problem Set

Logic Games/Logical Reasoning

Logical Opposition and Certainty

Logical Reasoning

Must Be True Question Review

Sufficient and Necessary Conditions

Reversals and Negations

Chain Relationships

Diagramming "Unless"

Multiple Sufficient and Necessary Conditions

The Double Arrow

Conditional Reasoning Problem Set

Reading Comprehension

General Introduction

The Two Passage Types

Approaching the Passages 7 Critical Steps


Reading Comprehension Question Types

Attacking the Questions

Reading Comprehension Passage Set

Logical Reasoning

Weaken Questions

Typical Weaken Scenarios

Three Incorrect Answer Traps

Cause and Effect Reasoning

How to Attack a Causal Conclusion

Causality in Weaken Questions

Weaken Problem Set

Logic Games

Basic Linear Games

Basic Linear Setups

The Importance of Numbers

Rule Representation: Blocks, Sequencing, and Dual Options

Logic Games

Advanced Linear Games

Advanced Linear Setups and Multiple Stacks

Repeated Variable Sets

Diagramming with Multiple Stacks

Advanced Linear Games Set

Logical Reasoning

Strengthen Questions

Causality and Strengthen Questions

Strengthen Problem Set

Justify the Conclusion Questions (Sufficient Assumptions)

The Justify Formula and trade;

Solving Justify Questions Mechanistically

Justify Problem Set

Logical Reasoning

Assumption Questions (Necessary Assumptions)

The Supporter/Defender Assumption Model

The Assumption Negation Technique

Assumption Problem Set

Logic Games

Grouping Games I

The Principle of Grouping

Unified Grouping Theory

The Double-Not Arrow

Linear vs Grouping Symbolizations

Hurdle the Uncertainty

Defined Grouping Games Set

Logic Games

Grouping Games II

Undefined and Partially Defined Grouping Games Set

Reading Comprehension

Diagramming the Passages

Passage Notations

Science and Technology Passages

Types of Science Passages

Handling Scientific Elements

Science and Technology Passages Set

Logical Reasoning

Method of Reasoning Argument Part Questions

Method AP Problem Set

Method of Reasoning Questions

Method Problem Set

Flaw in the Reasoning Questions

Fallacious Methods of Reasoning Categorized

Flaw Problem Set

Logic Games

Grouping/Linear Combination Games

Working with the Combination of Major Principles

Grouping/Linear Games Set

Logical Reasoning

Parallel Reasoning Questions

The Parallel Reasoning Elemental Attack

Parallel Problem Set

Parallel Flaw Questions

Parallel Flaw Problem Set

Principle Questions

Principle Problem Set

Reading Comprehension

Comparative Reading Passages

Comparative Reading Theory

Similarities and Differences

Comparative Reading Passage Set

Logical Reasoning

Numbers and Percentages Questions

Numbers and Percentages Common Misconceptions

Numbers and Percentages Problem Set

Logic Games

Numerical Distribution Games

Fixed versus Unfixed Distributions

Distribution Identification and Production Methodology

Numerical Distribution Game Set

Limited Solution Set Games

Identify the Templates

The Dangers of Misapplication

Limited Solution Game Set

Logical Reasoning

Point at Issue Questions

Incorrect Answers in Point at Issue Questions

The Agree/Disagree Test

Point at Issue Problem Set

Point of Agreement Questions

The Agree/Agree Test

Point of Agreement Problem Set

Resolve the Paradox Questions

Correct and Incorrect Answer in Resolve the Paradox

Resolve Problem Set

Reading Comprehension

Law-Related Passages

Law-Related Passage Set

Test Day Expectations and Readiness

What to do between the end of class and the LSAT

What to do the morning of the LSAT

What to do after the LSAT


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04/18/2024 05/30/2024

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03/30/2024 06/02/2024

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Thursdays 8-11PM ET

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