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What’s Provided In The PowerScore On Demand Course:

30 Hours of On Demand Lectures

  • Immediate access to 10 meticulously-planned video lessons 
  • Ability to explore the concepts at your own pace and order tailored to your goals
  • Exposure to all LSAT concepts

Explore The Course Syllabus


What we cover in class

There are a total of ten lessons in the PowerScore On Demand LSAT Course, each of which is accompanied by a comprehensive homework section that contains drills, analyses, additional questions, and explanations. The following syllabus is used in the course:

Lesson One

  • Logical Reasoning

    General Introduction
    Attacking the Stimulus
    Premises, Conclusions, and Fact Sets
    The Importance of Language
    Analyzing the Question Stem
    Logical Reasoning Question Types
    Prephrasing Answers

    Must Be True Questions
    The Fact Test™
    Must Be True Problem Set

    Main Point Questions
    Main Point Problem Set

  • Logic Games

    General Introduction
    Setups and Diagramming

    Pure Sequencing Games
    Pure Sequencing Diagramming Guidelines
    Pure Sequencing Games Set

Lesson Two

  • Logic Games/Logical Reasoning

    Logical Opposition and Certainty

  • Logical Reasoning

    Must Be True Question Review

    Sufficient and Necessary Conditions
    Reversals and Negations
    Chain Relationships
    Diagramming "Unless"
    Multiple Sufficient and Necessary Conditions
    The Double Arrow
    Conditional Reasoning Problem Set

  • Reading Comprehension

    General Introduction
    The Two Passage Types
    Approaching the Passages—7 Critical Steps
    Using VIEWSTAMP™
    Reading Comprehension Question Types
    Attacking the Questions
    Reading Comprehension Passage Set

Lesson Three

  • Logical Reasoning

    Weaken Questions
    Typical Weaken Scenarios
    Three Incorrect Answer Traps
    Cause and Effect Reasoning
    How to Attack a Causal Conclusion
    Causality in Weaken Questions
    Weaken Problem Set

  • Logic Games

    Basic Linear Games
    Basic Linear Setups
    The Importance of Numbers
    Rule Representation: Blocks, Sequencing, and Dual Options
    Basic Linear Game Set

Lesson Four

  • Logic Games

    Advanced Linear Games
    Advanced Linear Setups and Multiple Stacks 
    Repeated Variable Sets
    Diagramming with Multiple Stacks
    Advanced Linear Games Set

  • Logical Reasoning

    Strengthen Questions
    Causality and Strengthen Questions
    Strengthen Problem Set

    Justify the Conclusion™ Questions (Sufficient Assumptions)
    The Justify Formula™
    Solving Justify Questions Mechanistically
    Justify Problem Set

Lesson Five

  • Logical Reasoning

    Assumption Questions (Necessary Assumptions)
    The Supporter/Defender Assumption Model™
    The Assumption Negation Technique™
    Assumption Problem Set

  • Logic Games

    Grouping Games I
    The Principle of Grouping
    Unified Grouping Theory™
    The Double-Not Arrow
    Linear vs Grouping Symbolizations
    Hurdle the Uncertainty™
    Defined Grouping Games Set

Lesson Six

  • Logic Games

    Grouping Games II
    Undefined and Partially Defined Grouping Games Set

  • Reading Comprehension

    Diagramming the Passages
    Passage Notations

    Science and Technology Passages
    Types of Science Passages
    Handling Scientific Elements
    Science and Technology Passages Set

Lesson Seven

  • Logical Reasoning

    Method of Reasoning—Argument Part Questions
    Method—AP Problem Set

    Method of Reasoning Questions
    Method Problem Set

    Flaw in the Reasoning Questions
    Fallacious Methods of Reasoning Categorized
    Flaw Problem Set

  • Logic Games

    Grouping/Linear Combination Games
    Working with the Combination of Major Principles
    Grouping/Linear Games Set

Lesson Eight

  • Logical Reasoning

    Parallel Reasoning Questions
    The Parallel Reasoning Elemental Attack™
    Parallel Problem Set

    Parallel Flaw Questions
    Parallel Flaw Problem Set

    Principle Questions
    Principle Problem Set

  • Reading Comprehension

    Comparative Reading Passages
    Comparative Reading Theory
    Similarities and Differences
    Comparative Reading Passage Set

Lesson Nine

  • Logical Reasoning

    Numbers and Percentages Questions
    Numbers and Percentages—Common Misconceptions
    Numbers and Percentages Problem Set

  • Logic Games

    Numerical Distribution Games
    Fixed versus Unfixed Distributions
    Distribution Identification and Production Methodology™
    Numerical Distribution Game Set

    Limited Solution Set Games
    Identify the Templates™ 
    The Dangers of Misapplication
    Limited Solution Game Set

Lesson Ten

  • Logical Reasoning

    Point at Issue Questions
    Incorrect Answers in Point at Issue Questions
    The Agree/Disagree Test™
    Point at Issue Problem Set

    Point of Agreement Questions
    The Agree/Agree Test™
    Point of Agreement Problem Set

    Resolve the Paradox Questions
    Correct and Incorrect Answer in Resolve the Paradox
    Resolve Problem Set

  • Reading Comprehension

    Law-Related Passages
    Law-Related Passage Set

  • Test Day Expectations and Readiness

    What to do between the end of class and the LSAT
    What to do the morning of the LSAT
    What to do after the LSAT

The Best Instructors

  • PowerScore’s On Demand Course is taught by expert Eric Ockert
  • Scored in the 99th percentile, top 1% on the official LSAT
  • Over 15+ years of experience teaching LSAT prep
  • Has helped thousands of students reach their goal schools 

Read About Eric Okert

Comprehensive Course Book*

  • A unique, course-specific book mapped to your syllabus
  • Further discussion and analysis of all lesson concepts
  • Paired to homework for targeted review
  • Licensed by the Law School Admission Council and utilizes real, previously-administered LSAT questions

*Note: This is a unique, course-specific book, NOT an LSAT Bible.

55+ Hours of Additional Instruction

  • 55+ hours of additional digital instruction
  • Supplemental video lessons taught by PowerScore LSAT experts, Dave Killoran and Jon Denning
  • Review LSAT topics, such as: question type relationships, time management and pacing, test mentality, and more
  • Access to exclusive insider info and upcoming Crystal Ball test content predictions 

Personalized Online Student Center

  • Customized LSAT prep resource database
  • Official LSAT practice tests and supplemental test sections
  • Complete performance tracking system and analytics for individual tests and your overall LSAT progress
  • Vast array of lesson and homework supplements 

LSAT Forum

  • Interactive space for all PowerScore students
  • Ability to gain assistance from expert instructors, authors, and tutors
  • Review dozens of topic threads about every past individual LSAT question, general prep routines, law school application advice and more

Eric Ockert, your 99th Percentile Instructor

The LSAT is among the most intellectually demanding standardized tests ever developed, and a top score demonstrates a command of every detail. That’s why we require all of our instructors to score in the top 1% on an officially-administered LSAT, the highest instructor standard in the industry.

And then we ask for more: teaching for PowerScore means you’ve not only scored well yourself, but you can also guide others to a similar result. Eric Ockert consistently does just that.

Eric is one of the most experienced LSAT instructors in the country, having helped thousands of students in his career. He’s enthusiastic because he truly enjoys seeing people achieve their goals. And he knows exactly what you're up against with this test because he’s been there himself and conquered it. He’s ready to help you do the same.

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  • 30+ hours of course lectures
  • 55+ additional instruction hours
  • Immediate access to all video lessons
  • LSAC-licensed digital practice tests
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Scoring & performance evaluation system
  • Led by 170+ scoring instructor

*An initial enrollment fee of $350 will be charged to you today and includes your first month, access to your Online Student Center, and a course book shipped to your home. In 30 days you will be charged $195 for your second month of course access.

*LSAC requires all course students to have an active subscription to the official "LawHub Advantage", which is valid for 1 year. You can learn all about it in this blog post. You may purchase the $115 subscription from LSAC, or include it as part of your course, but we will not be able to show you LSAT content online until it is active.

“Eric did a fantastic job at explaining everything thoroughly. He was so inspiring to listen to, as well as articulate and engaging. He was enthusiastic and explained difficult concepts precisely and accurately. He was very friendly and he was confident in his knowledge of the tricks behind the LSAT, which is much appreciated. He has made studying for the LSAT much more interesting and fun! I would recommend this course to anybody looking to do really well on the LSAT. I couldn't have done it without PowerScore! It was well worth it.”

Taylor Stoesz

“Great course! I appreciated having the ability to study at my own pace and on my own schedule. Extremely helpful for structured study and last minute cramming lol. I was grateful for the books and the pages upon pages of practice material available as well as text that followed the video instruction, just in case I wanted to refer back to something from the class. Don’t think there’s a better deal for an LSAT prep course out there.”

Miles Porter

“This was a very well organized course and I truly appreciated how clearly the text books were written. Additionally, I think one of the greatest advantages I had when taking an LSAT prep course is that I could trust my instructor knew what he was talking about. Each and every class he explained the material precisely and in a way that was easily understandable. ”

Meg Zickl