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LSAT Podcast Episode 100: State of the LSAT Union: 2021 Recap and 2022 Preview

To mark both their milestone 100th episode, as well as the final PodCast of 2021, Jon and Dave are here with a thorough recap of all things LSAT these past 12 months. Tune in as they review the many ups and downs of another tumultuous year, before turning their attention to 2022 and previewing all it has in store...including some exciting PowerScore developments in the works!


0:00 – Intro. Kicking things off with a hefty cheers as we celebrate getting through another wacky year and hitting the milestone of our 100th podcast episode!

4:52 – This Week in the LSAT World. Announcing the upcoming release of our 2022 LSAT Bibles and Workbooks on 1/1! Plus, Dave and Jon recap the latest news in our world, including the pushback of the February test registration deadline to 1/5, and our upcoming Jan/Feb LSAT Crystal Ball preview webinar on 1/4!

9:30 – 2021 Recap. Jon and Dave look back before looking forward. Here you will find a recap of the multitude of tests that were administered this year, how scoring trends affected the current admissions landscape, what changed in the LSAT prep field, and more.

47:53 – 2022 Preview. Everything that we know about the LSAT and law school admissions cycle moving into 2022, and predictions of the changes we may see.

52:34 – PowerScore 2022 Plans. What to expect from us as we begin to hit the home stretch on the development of a few new products and services for the new year.

1:01:20 – Outro.