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LSAT Podcast Episode 101: The January 2022 LSAT Review

As the first LSAT of 2022 comes to a close, Dave and Jon are kicking off the new year with a detailed test recap! Join them as they review the January test, outlining what was real and what was experimental, the relative difficulty of every scored section, the expected curves from 155-170 for each configuration, and the continued hot streak of their Crystal Ball predictions (including some updated thoughts on February).


0:00 – Intro. Dave and Jon kick off the first podcast of the new year with a quick caffeine jolt (and a breakfast beer for Jon) as “Revelations” by Audioslave previews the January test discussion.

2:50 – This Week in the LSAT World. Lots of news to discuss with a slew of new test dates announced through June ’23 and reminders for the upcoming Feb-April LSATs.

The January 2022 LSAT

10:56 – General Impressions. Before assessing the full slate of content on the January 2022 test, Jon and Dave get into the general feedback, technical issues, and test taker stats.

20:13 – Disclaimers and Reminders. Dave discusses what we can and cannot disclose, how our process works, and general rules of thumb to keep in mind when listening to the forthcoming test information.

29:00 – The International January 2022 LSAT. The guys do a walkthrough of the international test that was administered on Wednesday, including what sections appeared, section difficulty, what old tests were used, and a scoring scale prediction.

43:09 – The Domestic North American January 2022 LSAT. Recapping all sections seen throughout the entire testing week, what sections were used, what was real vs. experimental, and more.

1:09:30 – Scoring Scale Predictions. Dave and Jon provide their scoring scale predictions for all test configurations seen throughout the week on the domestic test so that students can have a better idea of what to expect on score release day.

1:21:27 – Outro.