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LSAT Podcast Episode 108: April 2022 LSAT Recap

The April LSAT has been tumultuous at best, with system outages preventing hundreds from testing on Saturday, three days of make ups for affected students, and widespread confusion about scored and unscored sections. But fear not: Jon and Dave weathered the storm and in Episode 108 they cover it all, from the disastrous weekend and LSAC’s concessions to what was real and what was experimental to all the predicted scoring scales for the various test forms used!


0:00 – Intro

3:15 – This week in the LSAT world. The April LSAT is prolonged due to a huge technical error. Plus, reminders for the upcoming summer tests and our latest free LSAT webinars, including a June LSAT Crystal Ball session with Dave and Jon on 5/24.

The April 2022 LSAT

10:44 – General Impressions

14:35 – Technical Issues. A look at the Saturday outage catastrophe, how LSAC responded, make-up dates, and how to report an issue if you experience a testing or ProctorU problem.

25:24 – Disclaimers and Reminders

30:12 – The April 2022 Accommodated LSAT Review, 5/3/22

35:39 – The April 2022 International LSAT Review, 5/3/22

47:13 – The April 2022 Domestic LSAT Review, 4/29/22, 4/30/22, 5/3/22

1:09:48 – Scoring Scale Predictions

1:14:06 – Outro