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Air Date
LengthMay 12th, 2022

LSAT Podcast Episode 110: April 2022 LSAT Make Up Tests Recap

Well, we made it: the last of the April LSAT make up tests is finally behind us, closing the book on a long and rocky administration. Given the volume of test takers forced to sit for a retake, Jon and Dave have devoted an extra episode to the April make up exams, including how things went, what was scored and what was experimental, and the scoring curve they expect these proxy tests will produce.


0:00 – Intro

4:09 – This Week in the LSAT World (sign up for our free LSAT webinars at

April 2022 LSAT Make Up Exams

6:07 – Retake test content

28:28 – Scoring scale predictions

34:19 – Outro