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LSAT Podcast Episode 113: June 2022 LSAT Recap

The June LSAT was another wild ride, from the use of two tests predicted in our latest Crystal Ball to the introduction of a brand new experimental Logic Games section! Join Dave and Jon as they break it all down, identifying source tests for the domestic and international exams, highlighting everything that was scored and experimental, and finally outlining the precise scoring scales from 155 to 170 that each test combination will produce.


0:00 – Intro

3:12 – This week in the LSAT world

6:07 – The June 2022 LSAT: General Impressions

19:07 – Disclaimers and Reminders

27:28 – The June 2022 LSAT: International Test Content and Scoring Scale Predictions

42:13 – The June 2022 LSAT: Domestic Test Content

1:07:36 – The June 202 LSAT: Domestic Test Scoring Scale Predictions

1:17:46 – Outro