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LSAT Podcast Episode 118: Student Question Mailbag #9

Inspired by the countless great questions in their latest Crystal Ball webinar, Jon and Dave have opened up the student mailbag once again! In Episode 118 you’ll hear them weigh in on everything from when the LSAT will go back to in-person testing, how paper accommodations work, LSAT Writing do’s and don’ts, test fatigue and improving endurance, applying prior to taking the LSAT, the value of joining a pre-law group (and how PowerScore partners with them), and more.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro

3:28 – This week in the LSAT world

15:35 – “Is the LSAT ever going to be administered in person again?”

20:50 – “What are paper test accommodations like? How do they work?”

40:56 – “Is there any concern that drilling harder questions more exclusively could hurt my performance on easier questions?”

47:00 – “Any advice on dealing with test fatigue?”

51:34 – “Is the November LSAT too late to be competitive in this admissions cycle? What about January?”

56:56 – “Should I apply to law school now even though I’m taking the LSAT later?”

1:02:38 – “Is it worth it to join a pre-law society at my university? Does it make a difference in your apps?”

1:09:30 – “Does it really matter what law school you go to, or are they all the same?”

1:18:19 – Outro