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Length 01:07:19

LSAT Podcast Episode 12: Sufficient Assumption/Justify the Conclusion Questions

Episode 12 continues the discussion from last time by looking at the other Assumption question type: Sufficient Assumptions (also known as Justify the Conclusion). Dave and Jon provide an extensive analysis of this unique LR task, exploring everything from how to spot Justify questions to the relationship between Assumption and Justify—key similarities and differences—to powerful mechanistic techniques like the Justify Formula to help you confidently solve even the trickiest examples!

0:00 – Intro

4:28 – This Week In The LSAT World/March ’19 Test Score Release

9:59 – Sufficient Assumption/Justify the Conclusion Questions – intro

11:43 – Necessary Assumptions vs. Sufficient Assumptions

31:11 – Justify Formula

40:03 – Supporter/Defender in Justify

48:23 – Mechanistic Approach

1:06:41 - Outro