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LSAT Podcast Episode 126: January 2023 LSAT Recap

With the first LSAT of 2023 officially over, Jon and Dave are blazing into the new year with a full test recap! Tune in to hear them deconstruct the January LSAT, explaining what was scored and what was experimental, the relative difficulty of each scored section, and their 155-170 curve predictions for every content combination. They also discuss their latest Crystal Ball forecasts, examining just how accurate they were for January, and what this all means for the upcoming February exam.

Episode Timestamps

0:00 – Intro

4:55 – This week in the LSAT World

10:54 – Course Discounts for Podcast Listeners

The January 2023 LSAT

12:10 – January LSAT Overview (test taker volume, known test issues)

18:45 – Disclaimers and general reminders about test recaps

27:40 – The International January LSAT

32:39 – International Scoring Matrix

36:39 – The Domestic January LSAT

39:20 – January Logic Games

47:10 – January Reading Comprehension

55:08 – January Logical Reasoning

59:55 – January Scoring Matrix

1:14:30 – Outro