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LSAT Podcast Episode 142: The Death of Logic Games

Beginning with the August 2024 administration, the LSAT will no longer include an Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) section, marking the most significant change to the test’s format in years. In Episode 142, Jon and Dave discuss this monumental transformation, explaining exactly what’s happening, how it will affect students and their prep, and what PowerScore has planned to help test takers capitalize on this seismic shift.

Episode Timestamps

Song: My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade

0:00 – Intro

2:30 – LSAT World

November 2023

January 2024

5:10 – The Death of Logic Games

What happened

Why it happened

What did LSAC say about the switch?

17:40 – What Does This Mean for You as a Student?

Which LSAT should I take?

Other student concerns/questions

Questions for us

55:00:00 – Outro