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Length 00:48:15

LSAT Podcast Episode 19: Digital LSAT Redux

In Episode 19, Jon and Dave once again tackle July’s impending digital transition, breaking down the multitude of questions they’re still receiving about the new format and LSAC’s mysterious rollout. If you’re taking the test as part of the 50/50 audience, or simply curious about the experience of those who are, this is one you won’t want to miss!

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 to 6:23: Intro

6:24 to 9:28: Recapping the latest from LSAC and the rest of the LSAT world

9:38 to 10:54: Digital LSAT discussion intro

10:55 to 14:48: Dave and Jon discuss the 50/50 chances of receiving a digital test or paper test on the July 2019 LSAT

14:49 to 16:18: Scratch paper. A booklet of scratch paper will be provided to all digital LSAT test takers. Paper test takers will use the test booklet itself like they always have.

16:19 to 17:57: Pencils/erasers. You can bring your own pencil and eraser to both the digital and paper test, even though you will also have access to a stylus for on-screen notations during the digital test.

17:58 to 25:39: Same test? The same test will be administered to both digital and paper test-takers.

25:30 to 28:12: Proctoring differences. The paper test will be administered according to a proctor in the room with a clock who will prompt the test-takers to begin and finish each section. The digital test will have a proctor as well, but the proctor will start and stop each section digitally so that everyone's section on their respective screens begin and end at the exact same time.

28:13 to 39:16: Unique score preview opportunity. There will be a 6-week wait for scores to be released until 8/28/19. When scores are released you will have the unique ability to see your score, and then you can make the determination on whether you'd like to keep it or cancel it without penalty. Dave and Jon also discuss why the wait is so long this time around and discuss what to expect from the scoring curve for the July test.

39:17 to 45:44: Score cancellations. If you choose to cancel your score you can retake the test for free. Currently you cannot use your retake on the September '19 LSAT, but Jon and Dave make their plea for having this amended in the near future. They also address the question of whether or not law schools will look down on a July '19 LSAT score cancellation.

45:45 to 47:46: Dave and Jon offer a few tips on finding positivity heading into the test, and viewing this unique July paper/digital random selection as nothing but an advantageous situation.

47:47: Outro