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Length 01:15:39

LSAT Podcast Episode 22: Conditional Reasoning: Part I

In the PodCast's 22nd Episode, Dave and Jon begin what will become a multi-part look at conditional reasoning, one of the test's most critical concepts. In this first discussion they explore the nature of what makes statements conditional, define the key distinctions between sufficient and necessary conditions, and offer insights on making the right kind of inferences when faced with conditionality (while also avoiding the traps the test makers so frequently employ).

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Jon and Dave discuss their drinks of the week and foreshadow this episode’s theme with the song of the week, “Dangerous” by Big Data.

5:54 – This week in the LSAT world. The guys chat about the registration deadlines for the October test and why there are so few test centers this time around.

11:33 – Thinking about Conditional Reasoning. In today’s main discussion, Jon and Dave discuss all things Conditional Reasoning, including: how to spot it, pitfalls to avoid, diagramming vs. not diagramming, differences between various diagramming methods, and more!

1:15:08 – Outro