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Length 01:09:42

LSAT Podcast Episode 23: Conditional Reasoning: Part II

Episode 23 picks up right where 22 left off: with Jon and Dave continuing last week's discussion of conditional reasoning! Specifically, they ramp up the complexity and outline how to handle unusual language like "unless" statements and "either/or" constructions, make conditional chains and spot the inferences they provide, tackle scenarios with multiple sufficient and necessary elements, and even master the elusive double-arrow. This is conditionality at its highest level.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. This week Dave is drinking Fencepost Rosé and Jon is a drinking a Gin and Tonic featuring Aviation Gin. The song choice relates to our topic of conditionality, and is Coldplay’s “What If.”

5:39 – This week in the LSAT world. The October LSAT registration is a month away, and LSAC has confirmed that July cancellation fee waivers will be applicable to October!

10:59 – Conditionality. Let’s dive back into conditional reasoning, and start talking about some specific forms and wordings.

16:02 – Unless Equation (Until, Except, Without)

22:47 – Chains

37:59 – Either/Or

47:40 – Multiples

58:24 – Double Arrows (featuring Meghan Markle)

1:09:11 – Outro