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Length 01:07:17

LSAT Podcast Episode 30: Are Logic Games Disappearing from the LSAT?

Episode 30 brings breaking news about the future of the LSAT's most notorious feature, Logic Games! Specifically, Dave and Jon decrypt a just-published press release co-signed by LSAC that raises speculation (to put it mildly) that within the next four years the test will no longer contain a Logic Games section. They cover possible interpretations of the article's wording, potential confirmation of the change from an inside source, and content that could theoretically replace Games if they are in fact removed.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Dave and Jon use a heavy hand as they pick the drinks and song of the week related to today’s discussion.

4:52 – This week in the LSAT world. A quick discussion of the September LSAT score release slated for next week on 10/14 and the latest LSAC blog.

13:40 – Are Logic Games disappearing from the LSAT? Today’s main discussion is on the news that the Logic Games section of the LSAT may be removed moving forward. Dave and Jon discuss the lawsuit that spurred this movement, decrypt the initial news that came out, and analyze how LSAC handled it.

43:59 – After the initial episode was recorded, LSAC finally released their official response to the news hours after the long initial period of non-response. With LSAC’s statement finally public, Jon recorded an additional analysis later of what they said (read the statement here), what LSAC’s response changes about the situation, and a few predictions about what this will all lead to now that we have more information from LSAC themselves.

53:47 – More theories on what could happen if Logic Games was removed eventually. What would take its place?

1:06:27 – Outro