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Length 01:44:49

LSAT Podcast Episode 31: The September 2019 LSAT Logic Games Section

The September 2019 LSAT Logic Games section was a killer for many test takers, but Jon and Dave are here to help! Tune in as they deconstruct the latest set of games and explain exactly how to tackle this test’s toughest content.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. A chaotic week has ended with the September 2019 LSAT score release, which contained a Games section that was purported to be among the hardest ever. In honor of that, Dave is drinking a Dark and Stormy, and Jon has a 15 year old Bowmore Scotch. And the song of choice is an old classic from REM, The End of the World.

5:06 – This week in the LSAT world. The latest LSAC blog gets covered, which informs test takers that they can situate their tablets at any angle (except straight up, oddly) and that the scratch paper will be improved for the upcoming tests. They guys also talk about the scoring scale for this exam, and the prediction they made prior to the release of the test.

The Logic Games

24:54 – The September 2019 LSAT Logic Games section: how tough was this section? It’s tough, largely because there is no breather among the four games. There’s no easy game, and that kept pressure on test takers for the duration of the section. If you haven’t done this section yet, you can access on our Digital Platform, here:

32:26 – Game #1: Animal Adoption Pens. This isn’t a terrible start to this exam, although Jon begins harping on a common theme for this section: track the numbers! Dave also complains about the weak animal name choices while Jon thinks about adopting Raisin.

50:45 – Game #2: Museum Artifacts. A rare circular game on the LSAT, although neither Dave nor Jon diagrammed it using a circular diagram. Why? That decision is a big point of discussion, as is the interaction of the final two rules which are the key to the game in many respects.  

1:09:02 – Game #3: Flower Arrangements. The most infamous game from this exam! But was it quite as difficult as everyone thought. Perhaps not, and the guys discuss why it looked hard vs how to best attack this problem. There are many lessons to be learned from this exam, so make sure you get every piece of information possible from this game (and this section!).  

1:27:49 – Game #4: Accountant Client Meetings. The close of this section isn’t as tough as the prior game, but it also wasn’t simple. What were the keys to analyze this game and make it easy? It’s numbers again, which was the theme of this whole section, leading to the takeaway that if you follow the numbers you will thrive; ignore them and suffer! The discussion of this game also segues into a useful discussion of how to use hypotheticals inside a game to get past roadblocks. Don’t miss it!

1:44:14 – Outro