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LSAT Podcast Episode 32: October 2019 LSAT Review and Scale Prediction

Another test is in the books, and Dave and Jon are here to talk you through it! Tune in as Episode 32 breaks down the October 2019 LSAT, including the highs and lows of test day, a section by section look at the exam's content, and an official curve prediction. They also offer thoughts on what this test means for the upcoming November LSAT, and how to best prepare for the exams ahead!

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Paris, glass pyramids, the Struts, wildfires, power outages, Vegas (twice!), Marilyn Manson and Guns ‘N Roses concerts, exes, Jon’s new crush, and more! Dave and Jon recap the hectic past few weeks that led to our brief hiatus before getting back to it for this week’s episode. In honor of his wild weekend, Jon has declined to drink whereas Dave is enjoying a classic Tom Collins. The music? Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless, which is how Jon is feeling and how some test takers felt after a bumpy October LSAT experience.   

10:49 – The past 2 weeks in the LSAT world. A quick overview of the recent LSAC podcasts and blog entries, as well as info on the November test registration numbers.

The October 2019 LSAT

15:19 – The bad news. Following trends from the past 2 digital LSATs, Dave and Jon recap the many Oct. test administration issues that were reported in locations across the US and Canada. While the majority of test takers had a good experience, when there were problems they were at times catastrophic.

25:56 – The good news. Not everything was terrible! Plenty of centers went smoothly and the improvements LSAC made from the past 2 tests—like new and far improved scratch paper—received a big thumbs up.

30:25 – Overall test info and general impressions. Broad reactions to the test including test difficulty, implications for the November test, and what was up with no experimental LG sections?

48:16 – Logic Games recap. This section was no September 2019 LSAT LG, and that’s great news!

51:57 – Reading Comprehension recap. On the flip side, the RC on this test turned out to be rough. This was the one section universally singled out by test takers as the most difficult.

55:01 – Logical Reasoning recap. These two sections were middle of the road, although of course there are always difficult LR questions. Just maybe not as many as usual.

58:50 – Scoring scale prediction. How Dave and Jon landed on a -11 scale prediction and what the most likely alternatives are (hint: there aren’t any, the guys are sure they are right about this one).

1:00:57 – Score release. 11/20 for sure? Yeah, probably.

1:02:52 – Writing sample reminder! Don’t wait until the last minute.

1:07:23 - Outro