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LSAT Podcast Episode 33: Student Question Mailbag

Jon and Dave are back with another student mailbag episode, which means you'll hear them tackle a whole host of commonly asked questions, from test diagramming advice to score fluctuations (and how to handle them). You'll also get their take on everything from accommodated testing to how to best use the full spectrum of PowerScore's publications.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Jon and Dave sip on the drinks of the week (a Paloma and an Old Fashioned) and dive into a Britney classic, Rick & Morty’s new Season 4 premier, and Jon’s love life and his penchant for writing letters like it’s 1859—what could go wrong?

13:42 – This week in the LSAT world. Recapping the latest Law:Fully blog, last minute prep for the November test, January registration deadlines, and a recently announced major change to the LSAT Writing section.

Student Mailbag

30:53 – How much should you diagram during the test? It’s an interesting question and the answer may surprise you! See our Diagramming blog for more thoughts as well.

39:54 – Do you need to know what Unified Grouping Theory is? Or, for that matter do you need to know the name of any PowerScore strategy or term? And why do we put trademarks on some of our terms anyway?

49:41 – What’s the difference between the LSAT Bibles, Workbooks, and Training Type books? Dave explains the differences, and also references the PowerScore Book Series differences blog he wrote on the topic.

54:51 – Will the accommodated test be the same test as the standard one? If not, could it be a recycled test? Will adcoms understand that it’s the “November LSAT” even if the accommodated date was pushed back to early December?

58:27 – Should you freak out over a score drop during your practice LSATs? Answer: No! But there’s a good reason behind that thinking, which is discussed in detail? And also see two key blogs: Welcome to the LSAT Casino and Luck and the LSAT.

1:06:12 – What are the pros and cons (khans?) of the LSAC-sponsored Khan Academy LSAT prep course? The big pro is free tests! The khans? It’s not really a course, they have no background in the LSAT, and LSAC isn’t giving away their secrets.   

1:16:24 - Outro