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LSAT Podcast Episode 34: How To Take A Practice LSAT

Episode 34 sees Dave and Jon break down one of the most important components of successful LSAT prep: the ideal way to take practice tests! Specifically, you'll hear them cover everything from the various digital testing platforms to the proper use of experimental sections to recommended locations for testing. They also spend time discussing pre-test routines and mentality, and managing your schedule to accommodate testing and review while avoiding burnout.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Dave and Jon discuss the treacherous weather and impending power shutoff up in Dave’s neck of the woods, pour their drinks of the week (a Long Island Iced Tea for Dave and a Black and Tan for Jon), and spin an 80’s classic from Depeche Mode, Enjoy the Silence (Live in Berlin). And don’t worry, Jon’s love life comes up again too!

6:52 – This week in the LSAT world. A short conversation about the upcoming November 25th LSAT and a reminder about the quickly approaching January LSAT registration date. Plus, the fascinating fact that on a typical LSAT, about 4-5% of test takers cancel. Find out if that number is low or high.

How To Take A Practice LSAT

13:15 – Why take practice LSATs? There is no better way to work up your testing endurance and understand what you will face on test day than to go through the full process.

23:15 – What to use. Digital vs. paper tests, new vs. old tests, and what’s up with the free tests on the LSAC site? If you need digital tests, go to the PowerScore digital practice test hub.

33:57 – What to do about the experimental section? Dave and Jon discuss the best way to add in the extra section and where to put it.

39:43 – Practice test mindset. How to make things the most similar to what you’ll experience on test day and what mental space you should be in before you start. Plus, should you do warm-up questions the morning of the LSAT? Jon says yes, and Dave explains why it’s a maybe.

52:13 – Setting the practice test environment. Where and when should you take your practice tests? The guys debate the merits of your house/apartment vs a coffee shop vs a library vs a hotel lobby.

55:54 – How to properly time your practice tests – paper and digital. Special note: if you have watch questions, Jon is a world-class expert in horology.

1:00:50 – How many tests should you take per week? What about overall? The answer isn’t as high as you might think. The guys also preview a bit of the next episode by quickly discussing the equal importance of practice test review.

1:13:38 – Outro. Be sure to subscribe, leave us a rating, and send us any questions or topics you'd like us to cover in a future episode: Thanks for listening!