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Length 01:31:51

LSAT Podcast Episode 35: November 2019 LSAT Review and Scale Prediction

Hot on the heels of the November LSAT, Jon and Dave give their thoughts on the exam, covering everything from test content to (the many) center issues.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Dave and Jon recap the long holiday week, Jon’s trip to Nashville to see his sister’s crying baby, California’s crazy weather, and whether Die Hard is the best holiday movie. The music of the week is “Human” by the amazing Christina Perri, and the drinks of the week are a tasty Bing energy drink for Dave—which he swears by—and a Guinness 200th Anniversary Export stout for Jon.

8:51 – Pre-November LSAT issues. Things seemed doomed from the get-go as LSAC scrambled to alert students of test center issues ahead of the 11/25 test date.  

14:50 – Day of LSAT issues. A recap of the 20+ test centers that had issues on test day; comprised of the usual lost tablets, faulty tablets, long check in times, and more, but most ominously underscored by a new problem: proctor no-shows.

30:03 – Makeup test info. On 12/8, students who had test center issues will take their makeup test and Dave and Jon offer advice on what to expect (hint: prepare for the worst by being mentally ready for delays. And take a copy of the blog LSAC posted about the regulations regarding the tablet angle, just in case).

45:13 – The good news. Not everything went terrible for everyone!

46:40 – Reading Comprehension recap. This was reportedly the toughest section on the exam, and there’s no doubt that Computer/Peptide passage was rough.

49:27 – Logic Games recap. This was no September 2019 LSAT (thankfully!) but test takers still ran into difficulty with the last game.

54:00 – Logical Reasoning recap. These sections seemed reasonable, although a truly crazy thing occurred: a released section from October 2012 was accidentally used as an Experimental (wtf). Jon and Dave discuss why this was an error and should never happen.

1:10:48 – How do things look going forward, specifically for January LSAT takers? Not as bad you might think according to Dave.

1:18:48 – Scoring scale prediction. Dave and Jon discuss the factors that lead to them to believe a scale of -11 is in play for the November test.

1:28:09 – Score release. What to expect on the slated 12/19 score release date. And if you keep your score – don’t forget the Writing Sample!!

1:30:58 – Outro.