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Length 00:54:41

LSAT Podcast Episode 36: The November 2019 LSAT Makeup Tests

Jon and Dave explore the continuing saga that is the November 2019 LSAT. Specifically they outline how the multiple make up exams have played out, from the initial reschedules to this past weekend’s retakes. They also offer some words of encouragement for those whose November didn’t go to plan, whether that means a December make up or a test date pushed to next year (spoiler: don’t fret; you’re going to be okay, and Dave and Jon explain precisely why).

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. “Destroy Everything You Touch” by Ladytron provides a foreboding soundtrack for the discussion and many questions that lie ahead…

7:54 – The November 2019 LSAT makeups. What happened on Nov. 25th? Why did the makeups happen when they did?

11:50 – Uncertainty aplenty. Dave and Jon attempt to address the influx of confusion and questions that have stemmed from a chaotic and blundering past few weeks. Which tests were used for the makeups? Were they paper or digital? Will the scale be the same as the Nov. 25th test? When will makeup test takers get their scores? How did all of this happen? Is the world ending?

30:30 – Test center issues. The guys catalog a number of the reported issues that students (dubbed The Affected™) all over the US and Canada ran into when attempting to take the rescheduled November LSAT. LSAC radio silence, ghosting, lengthy delays, further problems, and more!

54:12 – Outro.