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Length 01:38:56

LSAT Podcast Episode 38: How To Review and Analyze Your Practice LSAT Results

Jon and Dave wrap up their discussion from Episode 34 about How to Take A Practice LSAT by examining precisely how to best interpret your test results. As part of that conversation they outline what it means to perform a blind review (and the various ways to do so), as well as what PowerScore’s free scoring analytics tell you about your performance and how they should guide your next steps.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Jon and Dave kick back with a relatively quiet week in LSAT land and discuss their New Year’s plans over this episode’s beverage selections. For Jon, that’s a classic Macallan, and Dave opts for a holiday-inspired Coquito. The music matches our theme, with Paramore’s Decode helping us break down PT results.

9:05 – How to review your practice test. Jon and Dave first discuss what your goals should be, why you should focus on your correct answers as well, and what the different methods of review are: Blind Review, Delayed Blind Review, Immediate Review, Confidence Ranking, and Predicting Your Score. (additional reading- The Benefits Of Failure)

48:00 – Analytics. Where can you get analytics about your performance beyond a simple answer key result? The guys explain how to understand and get the most out of the additional statistics that exist about your practice test strengths and weaknesses. Utilize the resources on our free Self-Study site to access these helpful analytics for your performance on all publicly released LSATs.

1:03:06 – Using the results. What do you do with all of this info? Dave and Jon describe how to analyze general results to see big picture problems and root issues, and then dive into a few commonly seen individual issues that students notice after receiving in-depth results and how to counteract those issues. If you struggle to self-diagnose or self-correct, don’t hesitate to hire a tutor and have an expert guide you through it!

1:37:05 – Outro