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LSAT Podcast Episode 39: Crystal Ball: Predicting the Spring 2020 LSATs

It's a new year, and it begins with an unprecedented LSAT-bang: four straight months with a test. To help get you ready, Dave and Jon broke out their crystal balls and set to predicting what's most likely to occur on these upcoming exams and how you can best prepare. You'll also hear about recent trends and content stats so you can prioritize where to spend your time leading up to test day!

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Before diving into predictions for the next 4 months’ worth of LSATs, Dave and Jon give a quick rundown of what these Crystal Ball episodes entail if you’ve never heard one, while also setting the vibe with the drinks and song of the week. They also step up to the bar with a Poinsettia for Dave, and a Red Stripe beer for Jon. The music? It’s Steady As She Goes by the Raconteurs, an homage to the large portion of the LSAT that remains unchanged from test to test.

8:18 - This week in the LSAT world. After speaking with LSAC, Dave relays the latest info about when the 2nd half of 2020 LSAT dates should be posted.

9:24 – A quick rundown of upcoming LSAT dates and logistics, as well as a recap of the recently used international tests.

17:13 – What July-November ’19 taught us. After the most volatile year the LSAT has ever seen, there are two critical lessons that can be applied to these upcoming tests.

Predicting the January, February, March, and April 2020 LSATs

23:23 – Will any of these tests be new? Or will they reuse prior nondisclosed tests? Follow Dave KilloranJon Denning, and PowerScore on Twitter for ongoing updates.

26:13 – What to expect: Logical Reasoning

31:22 – What to expect: Reading Comprehension

49:03 – What to expect: Logic Games

1:07:30 - Outro