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Length 01:33:22

LSAT Podcast Episode 41: Reading Comprehension Skill Tests

Episode 41 of the PowerScore Podcast sees Jon and Dave turn their attention to LSAT Reading Comprehension, specifically outlining a variety of self-assessment tools to help you pinpoint exactly where and why this section is giving you trouble. By employing these skill tests you'll determine not only what needs improvement in your Reading Comp approach, but also the adjustments required to take your performance to the next level.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Queen and Bowie’s classic “Under Pressure” sets the mood for the scrutinized Reading Comprehension scenarios to come. Meanwhile, Dave drinks a Seabreeze in hopes of an early summer while Jon drinks Casa Azul Tequila and tries to drown his regrets. Jon also describes his extensive travel schedule. The segment ends with a legal discussion of Vanilla’s Ice “borrowing” of the main riff in the song.

11:22 – This week in the LSAT world. A recap of the latest LSAC podcast and an update on January registration numbers and applicant trends. Dave explains how he’d start a letter to LSAC’s podcast writers, which begins with, “I know I’m not your favorite person but…”

26:44 – Reading Comprehension Skills Tests/Problem Diagnostics. What are these self-assessment “pressure tests” all about and how do you apply them and then use the results? The guys launch into a discussion of these RC tools, each of which has been invented and developed by PowerScore. They are unique to us and you won’t find them anywhere else!

35:14 – Broad vs. Detail Reading Test. Let’s find out if you are reading each passage for the right things, and at the right level of big picture vs detailed information.

41:42 – Diagramming Test. Let’s find out how good you mark/notate each passage.

57:50 – Comprehension Test. Now let’s discover if your short term memory and understanding of each passage is solid.

1:01:30 – Speed Test. What happens when we reduce time? Do you crack under the pressure or discover you can move faster and still retain decent accuracy?

1:11:30 – Prediction Test. What’s your ability to know what they will ask you about? Are you a true clairvoyant or just another pretender?

1:18:01 – Prephrasing Test. Is your prephrasing game strong or lacking? We’ll find out using this test.

1:24:04 – Teaching Test. The mother of all these tests, this is the prove-it moment for whether you really understand what you just read.

1:32:23 – Outro.