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LSAT Podcast Episode 43: The February 2020 LSAT Recap

As we move deeper into 2020’s cycle of tests, Jon and Dave take a look at the February LSAT’s content, discussing how things played out and precisely what students faced while sitting for it. In addition to the test day’s ups and downs, there’s also an estimation of the exam’s overall difficulty and what that meant for the final scoring scale.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. What’s on the drink menu for this sunny weather and a featured Hozier song is on the playlist.

5:46 – This week in the LSAT world. LSAC’s Podcast #16: Keeping Up to Data - February 2020.  Applicants are up 0.7%, applications up 1.5%, with 60% of the numbers in. Applications to Canadian schools are up 7.4%, while applicants to Canadian schools are up 2.4%.

The February 2020 LSAT

11:42   The bad news is the good news: A lot less of it this time!

20:25 Overall test info and general impressions. Overall the test was challenging, but not abnormally so.

24:56   Logic Games Discussion

28:02   This was a new test—but the questions have all been previously tested.

31:26   Reading Comp. No experimentals, hard but not overwhelming.

36:37   Logical Reasoning

41:37   Scale Prediction

53:12   Score release is Tuesday, March 17th at 9:00 AM which is Saint Patrick’s Day. If you keep your score, don’t forget the Writing Sample! Episode 15 is all about the Writing Sample and is definitely worth listening to.

54:44   Outro