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LSAT Podcast Episode 44: New LSAC Subscription Program

Episode 44 heralds enormous news from LSAC, as they launch a brand new digital test access subscription service, and Dave and Jon are here to tell you all about it. Tune in to learn not only what you’ll pay to receive official content, but also what that content includes and how to best use it in your ongoing prep!

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. After LSAC just dropped an info bomb on the LSAT prep world, Dave and Jon follow suit by knocking back Jägerbombs and blasting “Timebomb” by Tove Lo.

8:36 – This week in the LSAT world. Puerto Rico registration deadlines for the March LSAT have been pushed back to March 3rd due to recent earthquakes, and all LSAT administrations in China and South Korea have been suspended indefinitely due to coronavirus. It was also announced that the new US News World Report Law School Rankings will be released on 3/17; the same day as February LSAT results.

Everything you need to know about “Official LSAT Prep Plus” – LSAC’s new subscription program

16:50 - What is the name of this program?

17:26 - How much does it cost/How long does it last?

18:46 – What is included? PrepTests 19, 20, 22-88, June 2007, and Form 96 (PrepTest II Test C)

23:36 – Why aren’t tests 1-18, 21, and 89 included?

26:55 –Will every subsequently released test get added?

27:20 - Will they stop printing the paper tests/books of 10?

28:40 - Where can you buy it?

29:50 - Is the only way to get digital tests then to pay the new fee?

31:30 - Does anyone get the new subscription program for free?

34:39 - Will LSAC’s platform be accommodations friendly/accessible?

35:35 – How does their practice test system work?

39:36 – The LSAT prep world moving forward

43:52 – Outro