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LSAT Podcast Episode 46: The March 2020 LSAT Cancellation

Dave and Jon are here with some breaking news concerning the upcoming 2020 test administrations, including the just-announced cancellation of the March exam. They deconstruct LSAC's statement on that test, discussing how they expect the coronavirus pandemic will affect other tests and how law schools are likely to react to this unprecedented situation.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by The Police is the soundtrack to our current social distancing state (although we had many choices!). And of course Dave and Jon both are drinking Corona beer.

4:14 – This week in the LSAT world (other than the March cancellation) includes a new LSAC data podcast and the release of February LSAT scores.

The March 2020 LSAT Cancellation

7:20 – The big news of the day is the cancellation of the March LSAT. The guys break down how the decision to cancel the test came to be and what the main points of LSAC’s announcement entail.

17:35 – What about April? A discussion of how likely it is that the next test will be cancelled as well. Will there be refunds for people who signed up for March and can’t take the April test?

24:40 – What happens with the other upcoming tests? Will there be a May LSAT now? What could happen with the June test? Could they add more tests later in the year?

33:45 – Could they potentially administer the LSAT online? Not any time soon but at least they are exploring it.

42:00 – How is LSAC working with law schools and how does this situation change admissions deadlines, and did Dave’s tweet cause them to explore this idea?

51:25 – Outro