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LSAT Podcast Episode 47: Fear and Loathing in LSAT Vegas

Dave and Jon are here to offer guidance in these uncertain times, talking through the March LSAT cancellation, the (seemingly-inevitable) April cancellation, and administrations in the months that follow. That includes a discussion of a potential May LSAT, as well as the possibility that the exam moves entirely remote and allows you to test from home. There’s also an analysis of how this situation is likely to affect applicants through the remainder of this cycle.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Dave and Jon brace for a wild ride of a news recap, set to the tune of the late Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.”

7:06 – Score Resurrection. If registered for March or April and you have a prior canceled score FROM THE LAST 5 YEARS, you get to see it and then decide to "restore" it or not. Zombie LSAT scores! Dave and Jon discuss who this affects, the overall fairness of this option, and what the specific timeline is if you choose to bring back and old score.

17:30 – LSAC Seminar News. Dave and Jon recap the announcements, or lack thereof, made in LSAC’s 3/27 seminar. April was not canceled yet, and LSAC made it a point to say that they will be giving themselves to 4/10 at the latest to make a final decision.

26:45 – April 2020 LSAT. Why hasn’t LSAC canceled it yet? Is there any chance it will still happen? Will they let students take it at home?

36:26 – May 2020 LSAT. Will they add a May test to make up for a canceled April test?

39:52 – June 2020 LSAT. How will this affect the June 8th domestic US/Canada LSAT? What about the June 27th/28th international test date?

48:25 – What do you do if you were counting on March or April to affect your law school admissions decision?

56:20 – Outro.