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LSAT Podcast Episode 49: Student Question Mailbag: Law School Admissions Part 1

Dave and Jon continue to answer student questions in the latest episode, this time focusing on law school admissions and how things are likely to play out in this year’s cycle! Here they address dealing with waitlists, requesting letters of recommendation, balancing schoolwork and test prep through the summer, the coronavirus’s impact on deadlines and rolling admissions, and finally taking a year off to improve scores and scholarship offers.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Drinks of the week soundtracked by one of Jon’s favorites – the late, great Bill Withers.

7:20 – This week in the LSAT world. A preview of the upcoming LSAC webinar, potentially finally announcing the cancellation of the April LSAT. Also some info about the upcoming Reading Comprehension webinar that Jon and Dave are teaching, and our upcoming Live Online Courses!

Student Mailbag Questions

21:09 – “For those that are on a waitlist, how do we show schools we are still interested when we can’t visit campuses right now?”

27:45 – “How should we ask/request more scholarship money after the deposit deadlines?”

34:12 – “I am applying to law school in the fall, and I’m looking at schools in the top 10-20. How much weight does having letters of recommendation from alumni of the school one is applying to have?” (Watch Dave’s Letters Of Recommendation seminar recording here)

39:01 – “I now have the ability to take summer courses online through my school, but I also was originally planning to take an LSAT course this summer. Given that I don't even know if the LSAT will be administered in July, do you think it's a safer bet to just take the university courses online and leave the LSAT to the future or following summer?

48:55 – Multi-part submission regarding the 2021 1L class admissions process:

  • “What do you think about the admissions cycle for the 1L class of 2021?”
  • “Are you predicting a surge in applications? Will this application cycle be one of the most competitive in the last decade?”
  • “If the LSAT can not be taken until July or September, will schools open 2021 applications later to give people more time?”
  • “Could the "rolling admissions" policy be changed due to Coronavirus affects?”
  • “Would it be smart to wait until next fall to apply for the class of 2022 if you have the opportunity?”

1:01:59 – “I took the LSAT back in September and December and scored a 153 both times. I decided to go through with the application process and ended up with: Accepted at Loyola, Miami, Cardozo, and Chapman / Waitlisted at Emory, USC, and Columbia. Over the past few months, I've continued studying for the LSAT and now have an average score of 168 (ranging 165-173) thanks to PowerScore! I registered for the April exam, but, now that it's most likely going to be canceled I'm not sure if only submitting a LOCI will be enough to get me off the waitlist. What should I do?”

1:13:55 – Outro.