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LSAT Podcast Episode 52: LSAT-Flex and Chill

As information continues to trickle out about the upcoming LSAT-Flex exam(s), Jon and Dave are here to keep you up to speed! Specifically they touch on the latest LSAC developments—including the registration process and paper-testing accommodations—and then highlight the resources PowerScore has made available for students prepping for an unusual test in uncertain times.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. “Destination Unknown” from Missing Persons leads us down a road of LSAC uncertainties as Dave and Jon prepare to dispel as much unease as possible for LSAT-Flex takers with the following discussion. To drive this daytime conversation forward, Dave drinks a Bing energy drink (which he swears by) and Jon drinks Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee. In other news, Jon’s quarantine buddy has departed, leaving him to ponder the LSAT in solitude.

5:35 – LSAT-Flex updates. When is registration going to open? Not until Monday, April 27th. What is the full list of May LSAT-Flex test dates? No one fully knows yet. How are paper-testing accommodations going to work? They will send the actual paper test right to the test taker, a security risk that the guys discuss.

24:28 – What can students do to prepare? With special Stuck At Home discountscustom online private tutoringa crash course specifically for LSAT-Flex takers3 section LSAT-Flex digital prep tests, and our Flex Score Converter for old tests – we’ve got you covered!

43:47 – Outro.