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LSAT Podcast Episode 55: LSAT-Flex: The Lessons We Learned

The first-ever LSAT-Flex tests have now been officially administered, and Dave and Jon have spent the past several days scouring the internet and talking to hundreds of students to get the inside scoop on exactly what occurred! In Episode 55 you'll hear them talk briefly about the tests' content before turning their attention to the Flex experience itself: what went right, what went wrong, and what you can do to prepare yourself for this unique testing situation.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Dave and Jon sip on few natural disaster related beverages to pair with the whirlwind of activity in the LSAT world and the Flex test this week.

5:16 – This week in the LSAT world. A grueling few days with students constantly taking and finishing Flex tests for over 10 hours each day.

7:07 – Test details. At least 4 different tests with different content and different scaling were used. We saw two forms more than others:

  • Motown RC and Crops LG, which we think was a -7 scale.
  • Drilling RC and Theater LG, which we think was a -8 scale.

We had a lot of data on both of those, and felt fairly good about those predictions and talk about them in the podcast.

The other "mix-and-match" forms seemed to be used less frequently, and we didn't have as strong a feel for those. If pressed, we'd say the following:

  • Motown RC and Theater LG, which we think was at least a -9 scale.
  • Drilling RC and Crops LG , which we think was likely a -8 scale.

It's always tough to make predictions in general, and this made it even harder so go easy on us if you disagree :)

9:08 – “Test One.” A discussion of the first primary test that we received a lot of feedback on. Relatively easy Logic Games, difficult Logical Reasoning, and one particularly difficult Reading Comprehension passage.

11:57 – “Test Two.” An additional question (76) compared to test one. Difficult Logic Games section, easier Logical Reasoning despite the one extra question, and a standard difficulty Reading Comprehension section. Dave and Jon’s Crystal Ball LSAT-Flex preview webinar still applies for June Flex takers and any others that could be announced this summer.

17:14 – How did it go? A quick rundown of how things went on 5/18 and 5/19, plus our goals for this discussion pertaining to May test takers and future Flex takers alike.

22:38 – Wait times for starting vary. These can last anywhere from instants to hours before the test actually begins.

24:59 – Do NOT disconnect from the system at any point. You will go to the end of the queue if so. Even with the longer waits, you will still be able to connect with a proctor and test eventually – be patient! You can still leave the room to use the bathroom before you get connected with the proctor.

32:05 – Login tips. Make sure you know your username and password for BOTH your ProctorU account AND LSAC account. You will need both to take the test. Log into your LSAC LawHub page (using their LSAC username and password) sometime before the testing session, just to make sure you’ve got the right account number and password.

38:43 – Proctor inconsistencies. First and foremost, make sure you know the rules so that you fall in line with LSAC’s requirements even if you get a more lenient/less aware proctor. Jon and Dave discuss a few of the inconsistencies we heard about this week – bathroom breaks, mechanical pencils, proctor interruptions, room checks, and more. Plus what to do afterwards if you had issues.

57:41 – The testing interface. The Flex interface accurately replicates the current digital testing platform in Lawhub, and you can see the countdown clock at all times. Head here if you’d like to take an LSAT-Flex practice test that will replicate what you’ll see on test day.

1:00:11 – LSAT writing sample tip. You may run into problems if you try to do the writing sample immediately afterwards and leave everything open. Make sure to close out of the test and log out of ProctorU before relaunching the writing sample portion.

1:01:19 – Score release info. LSAC recently announced a June 5th score release at 9:00am EST and they will all be released at once, not in waves like usual.

1:03:09 – Final thoughts. Despite the few snags discussed, there was an overall positive response to this unprecedented testing experience. Students should be encouraged moving forward as more Flex tests are administered this summer and potentially beyond.

1:08:11 – Outro.