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LSAT Podcast Episode 57: Who Gives a F*$% About LSAC Licensing? You Should

More big changes on the horizon: LSAC is just weeks away from completely overhauling how they license official content for students and prep companies alike, and Jon and Dave are here to walk you through what's ahead, how it'll affect everyone (from access to fees), and above all why you should care!

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Jon and Dave turn lemons into (spiked) lemonade literally and figuratively with the forthcoming licensing updates and changes by LSAC.

5:56 – This week in the LSAT world. A few updates on the Flex era: May test score release and feedback, June LSAT-Flex coming up next week, July Flex right around the corner after that, and Jon and Dave’s thoughts on what will happen with the August test.

18:54 – LSAC licensing is changing and you should care. Dave and Jon discuss the incoming changes to LSAC licensing and how that will affect the entire LSAT prep industry, including: a brief history of how the industry has operated up until now with using official LSAT content, what LSAC is doing now to gain more control and profit off of their content, and what the transition period will entail.

31:14 – What’s changing with prep materials? Prep books will stay the same, but all LSAT course students (for all prep companies) moving forward will need to sign up for the $99 LSAC PrepPlus program in order to enroll due to the usage of questions and material from past LSATs. LSAC has effectively disallowed the sale of individual digital tests and is forcing all students to pay for the $99 subscription no matter what prep method they are using. Other areas affected by these changes include: practice test interfaces for prep companies, fee waiver students, and LSAT course prices.

54:42 – Outro.