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LSAT Podcast Episode 59: PowerScore Test Analytics and August LSAT Updates

A lot of ground to cover in Episode 59! From Jon’s recent (losing) battle with a flying motorcycle helmet to our new Testing and Analytics Package to LSAC’s latest news on the August LSAT, Dave and Jon are here to keep you in the loop on the latest developments in LSAT land.

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. Dave and Jon catch up after a hiatus week, soundtracked by Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” to fall in line thematically with Jon’s recent “incident.”

6:18 – LSAC licensing has officially changed. A quick recap of the LSAT prep industry changes in regards to practice tests and preparation for those who missed our previous episode.

8:39 – The PowerScore LSAT Testing and Analytics Package. Jon and Dave give a rundown of the new services that we’re able to provide in light of the recent changes. You can now purchase additional LSATs not available through LSAC, Flex versions of tests, question collections, individual test sections, and in-depth practice analytics through PowerScore to pair with your LSAC Prep Plus subscription. Check out the full list of new options available from us here.

26:03 – August LSAT announcements. Following up on the news that Dave broke earlier in the week, we provide details on the recent August LSAT Flex test announcement. At-home exams will begin starting Saturday, August 29th and most tests will be administered on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Score release is being targeted for Friday, September 18th. The test will NOT count against your yearly amount of times you’re allowed to take the LSAT.

36:30 – Score preview option. LSAC also announced for the August exam and all tests thereafter (at least as long as Flex tests are happening) that first-time test takers can preview their score before deciding to keep or cancel the score on their official record. Why did LSAC do this? Why only first-timers? How much does this cost? How does this new option affect July test-takers? Dave and Jon answer it all.

1:06:05 – LSAT Writing Sample is back in August. After dropping it while dealing with the initial Flex administrations, LSAC announced that students taking the test in August and beyond will need to complete the LSAT Writing portion once again, The LSAT Writing portion will open up 8 days before each LSAT, and can be completed all the way up until one day prior to score release day. Students who have completed the Writing Sample on a previous test can use the old one. Learn more about the Writing Sample here.

1:17:51 – Outro.