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LSAT Podcast Episode 63: Reversal of Fortune: How to Recover From a Bad PT

The August LSAT-Flex is right around the corner, and Jon and Dave have updates you should know about. Tune in to hear all about the latest breaking details on new test day policies and a thorough analysis of how to best move forward following a disappointing practice test!

Episode Timestamps

0:00 – Intro. “Twilight Zone” by Golden Earring sets the backdrop for the freakish weather going on in Jon and Dave’s neck of the woods.

This Week in the LSAT World

7:10 – Lost LSATs. Dave and Jon report on what ended up happening with all of those lost July LSATs we covered last episode.

12:07 – LSAT-Flex policy changes. LSAC announced that ear plugs are now allowed, in addition to mechanical pencils and pens.

20:34 – More LSAC news. August test signups (18,316 test takers scheduled), new LSAC website, Digital Law School Forums for pre-law students, and a reminder about the upcoming October 2020 LSAT registration deadline on Friday, 8/21.

Reversals of Test Fortune

34:55 – What do you do when your LSAT practice test score takes a dip? Jon and Dave coach students through this alarming moment. Score variance is normal, so don’t sweat one low score! Use it as a moment to learn what went wrong and do your best to fix it before your next test. Additional reading – “Welcome To The LSAT Casino” by Dave.

44:24 – How to use a bad practice test performance to your advantage.

49:00 – What happens if the dip occurs on the last practice test you take before your real one?

55:28 – Outro.