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LSAT Podcast Episode 64: Student Question Mailbag #5

Dave and Jon are here with another Student Mailbag episode, this time tackling questions covering the LSAT-Flex and their expectations about its future (including what it'll mean long-term for students), general prep advice on identifying inconsistent errors post-PTs and on the difference in memorization as a learning tool vs the development of genuine knowledge, and a whole host of admissions inquiries from rolling admissions after the November LSAT to applying as an older/nontraditional applicant to alumni connections and how they factor into acceptances. Don't miss it!

Episode Timestamps:

00:00 – Intro. “The Letter” by Joe Cocker leads us into a listener-submitted “Mailbag” episode.

10:30 – This week in the LSAT world. The August LSAT is coming up in a few days! Check out podcast episodes 7 & 9 for test week guidance, plus some updates on LSAT Writing and August score release plans. Additional reading: Why Does It Take So Long For LSAT-Flex Scores To Come Out?

19:43 – Student mailbag intro. Where to submit your questions, what we look for when choosing which questions are discussed, etc. Note: please use the LSAT Forum for any individual practice LSAT questions.

LSAT Questions

22:45 – “I’ve been hearing that the LSAT flex tests have been past tests from around 2011-2014. If that’s the case, does that mean the October test is more likely to be similar to PTs from that time or the most recent ones?”

30:20 – “Will there be a new Crystal Ball for August?” (spoiler: no. but this info still applies for August!)

33:35 – “If I’m testing now during the Flex era, but applying in a later cycle, will schools treat applicants differently (i.e. vs those possibly taking regular tests in 2021+)?”

35:03 – “If I have access to regular full practice LSATs and Flex versions, should I still take full tests even though my official test will be a Flex test? If so, when should I take the Flex versions? Before moving onto the full tests? Or take the full tests first and switch to Flex tests closer to my upcoming October LSAT date?”

38:29 – “What is your advice for someone getting something different wrong on each practice test? How do I deal with these inconsistencies?”

47:33 – “Does the PowerScore style of studying does contain more memorization and theory compared to other test prep companies?”

57:13 – “I’m currently dealing with a delay in being approved for LSAT accommodations, what is going on and should I be worried that I won’t be approved? What can I expect when they do finally get back to me?”

Admissions Questions

1:01:43 – “I am taking the November LSAT for the first time and I am wanting to apply for Fall 2021. If I take the November test, is there time in the application cycle for a second attempt if I do not perform well the first time?”

1:07:42 – “How should I approach studying for the LSAT and applying to law school if I’m older than the ‘traditional’ applicant?” Additional Reading: Do Non-Traditional Law School Applicants Have an Admissions Advantage? / Non-Traditional Law School Applicants: Old Folks Rule!

1:17:07 – “How much of an impact on my application chances will a connection to the school have? i.e. prior undergrad student, school employee, family alumni, etc.”

1:24:01 – Outro.