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LSAT Podcast Episode 66: Two Enter, One Leaves: How to Choose Correctly Between Two Attractive LSAT Answers

There are few scenarios as frightening as being stuck between two answers on the LSAT, but fortunately Dave and Jon are here with advice on how to find your way through it. Tune in to the latest PodCast episode to learn strategies for selecting correctly when you have one last contender to eliminate!

Episode Timestamps

0:00 – Intro. Live from the apocalypse, it’s Dave and Jon! The guys pour their drinks of the week and describe their recent bizarre surroundings in California.

6:52 – This week in the LSAT world. Recapping all of the news regarding the LSAT Writing Sample delays and how students should move forward. Plus – LSAC’s new “Score Audit,” August test score release in a few days, November registration deadline info, and October LSAT reminders. Interested in the free Admissions 101 webinar on 9/15 that Dave and Jon will be helping out with? Sign up while you still can here:

What To Do When You Have Two Attractive Answers

33:29 – Jon and Dave describe the general scenario that today’s advice will apply to. It is a common occurrence when test takers are able to weed out 3 answers as incorrect, but are stuck with two enticing choices before making the final decision. Don’t panic if this happens to you, this is by the test maker’s design! Look at it with a half full perspective and have confidence that you’ve already succeeded in eliminating 75% of the wrong answers. You can check out our Analytics database that Jon and Dave refer to here:

44:13 – Double check the basics. Do you have the question stem right? Did you look back at all of the details and language? How’s your Prephrase?

53:27 – Bring your negativity/skepticism. Approach the remaining 2 answer choices with a mission to eliminate rather than confirm. Remember – a little wrong equals all wrong! Additional reading:

1:02:30 – Compare each answer against the stimulus and question stem, rather than comparing them against each other.

1:05:44 – How to compare the contenders. Dave and Jon’s checklist to work through when you still aren’t able to decipher a clear frontrunner after looking at the stimulus and question stem.

1:12:54 – Question type specific advice. A list of individual techniques and thought patterns you can apply for certain question types. (Must Be True, Assumption, Parallel Reasoning, and more)

1:23:58 – Avoid second guessing. Don’t doubt for doubt’s sake; doubt with reason.

1:26:20 – Some questions are just tough! These test makers are very good at what they do. As you make your way through LSAT prep you’ll be able to differentiate “super hard” from “hard, but doable.” Some questions are so left field that anyone could miss them; don’t get caught up on those.

1:29:07 – Review. Every single time this happens to you while you’re prepping, review it! Replay the situation, examine the problem and the two answers, and see what you can learn. You can always learn from review, even from ones you got right. Did you get it right as efficiently as you could have?

1:33:55 – Outro.