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LSAT Podcast Episode 69: How to Choose the Ideal LSAT-Flex Time

It’s been a busy few weeks since the October exam, with LSAT World updates galore and 2020’s last, and biggest, test right around the corner in November! In Episode 69, Jon and Dave give a rundown of the latest developments, and then offer a step-by-step guide to help you choose the best possible day and time to take your upcoming LSAT-Flex. Be sure to tune in before scheduling your next test!

Episode Timestamps

0:00 – Intro. Dave and Jon pour their drinks of the week after a busy one, as “Strict Machine” by Goldfrapp provides a head nod to what this week wasn’t.

This week in the LSAT world

4:45 – New Flex announcements. A discussion of the recent announcement that all LSATs will remain in Flex format through the April test.

7:21 – October test score release. Recapping a bit of a botched release on LSAC’s end, plus recommendations for students considering a retake.

13:09 – November testing sign-up times coming up next week. We expect that a heads-up email will go out on Tuesday about sign-ups opening on Thursday.

15:49 – LSAT writing updates. Still 3,500ish test takers left that still haven’t completed their LSAT Writing for the October test. We recommend anyone taking the November test get theirs done before their test date to play it safe.

22:02 – Prep Plus updates. Two flex exams (including May ’20!) and PT89 added to LSAC’s Prep Plus database.  

26:51 – Admissions season. Make sure to apply for consulting services soon as our consultants’ schedules start to fill up this time of year: Plus, make sure to watch our recent free Admissions 101 webinar with Dave and Jay Donnell:

28:55 – Free webinars. Tons of free Admissions and LSAT webinars coming up that you can attend for free and interact with our top instructors and consultants, including sessions with Dave and Jon:

LSAT-Flex Sign Up Advice

32:55 – Common misconceptions. There is no “easier” or “harder” time/day to take the test from a content perspective. LSAC has done a good job at preventing students from “learning content” about the tests throughout the week. Don’t let this influence your testing date and time decision.

42:42 – Rule #1: The right choice is personal, but performance based. Make sure to track your practice test performance and try taking tests at different times of day/different days throughout the week as you’re preparing to find out when you excel the most.

50:24 – Rule #2: Be mindful of your environment. Consider your surroundings throughout the day on weekends and weekdays. Which times during the day and days during the week offer the most peaceful or predictable setting? For instance – if there’s been construction in your neighborhood in the mornings during the week, schedule your test for later in the day or on the weekends.

55:33 – Rule #3: Certain days and times do present potential advantages and disadvantages. While there is no clear frontrunner on the pros vs. cons scale, there are unique aspects pertaining to each of the various testing days for you to consider when making your decision. Dave and Jon break these down day-by-day.

1:19:35 – Know who you are and trust your choice! There’s no perfect algorithm.

1:22:09 - Outro